How to deregister your vehicle

How to deregister your vehicle

In times of crisis, There are many car owners who decide to disenroll, mainly for economic reasons that do not allow for the corresponding maintenance. Others, because they change residence to another country; or for the simple reason that our car is too old and want achatarrarlo. And more drastic, because we have stolen.

If you are interested in deregister your car, or if you wondered what to do to carry out this process, you should know that there are two waysThe first, Dandolo Low temporarily; and the second, requesting deregistration.

Temporary leave

Main reasons by which a vehicle owner decides to disenroll are as follows: failure to meet an expense breakdown, moving abroad temporarily, stolen vehicle out not being able to take your basic maintenance, or for having delivered a purchase.

If you decide to temporarily deregister your vehicle, you should know that you can not leave parked on the street and obviously, You can not move with him. The car must be compulsorily parked in a garage, public or private.


Another detail that you will surely be interested to know is that, in this way, we will not be required to pay road tax or a policy of insurance. Further, It will not be necessary to pass during that period ITV (Vehicle Inspection), although at the time of disenroll must have passed the relevant inspection. Later, when I give of high Again, the prerequisite is to pass the review official.

¿Where You can unsubscribe temporarily my vehicle? Procedures should be performed in Leadership Traffic in the province where the owner resides or where the car is registered. To do this, you must fill in application form in the corresponding official form, accompanied by ID card and driving license in the case of physical-people, and vehicle documents (Registration certificate and card ITV).

In the case of Stole, It must also present corresponding complaint, being exempt from paying the corresponding rate yes you must pay the rest: 8.10 euros.

abandoned car

If you are tempted to leave your vehicle on the street, it would not be a good idea for you. Leave without being discharged carries a fine ranging between 600 euros and 600,000 euros. Do not give up, he never would ... and your wallet will thank you.


If you want to deregister your car permanently and rid of it, There are several alternatives you have at your disposal: authorized scrapyards -Centers Authorized Treatment (C.A.T.) where decontamination vehicle required by law is carried out; own DGT (General direction of traffic); or Business who they are dedicated to complete all formalities for free, as 'Desguaces Madrid' or '', for example.

The vehicle you can directly lead to these authorized centers, or apply for transfer by crane. The necessary formalities, as we saw earlier with temporary low, required specific documentation: Photocopy of identity card, driving license and car documents and the signing of the application delivering low CAT.

In return, you will receive the certificate of destruction and document deregistration of the vehicle in the Register. It will be the first document which the owner must submit to your insurance company to cancel your insurance, and to the municipal offices to do the same with the tax.