What to do if you lose your car keys

What to do if you lose your car keys

We do not realize the magnitude of the problem until it has not happened to us. Losing car keys You can ruin our trip. As well leave us the keys inside the car with it and closed. What can we do? The car rental company Sixt has produced a guide on how to act to avoid these situations and, if they occur, know how to act.

First of all it should be noted the importance of having two copies of the keys of the car. We too lazy to back, but having this cup of booking the vehicle key gives tranquility. In the event that one of the sets of keys is lost we can solve the problem much earlier and more cheaply. Of course, if you're traveling, remember to take a copy with you. Anything you would have it at home 300 km away.

How to act in case of losing the car keys

If you do not have a copy of the keys or if you have it but not really wore you when you need done, these are the steps to try to solve the problem.

- Call the rental company. If you rented a rental car, the solution to the loss of the keys is easy. You only have one copy of the keys, but the rent a car company has another copy, and will be responsible for solving the problem.

In this sense, Sixt company has a service "road protection" that 5.95 euros update includes:

- Key loss: Sixt solves the problem coasting spending the spare key, transport or shipment of said key, operation towing and car replacement.

- Forgetting the key inside the car: Sixt assumes the costs of opening the car by the vehicle manufacturer or by one of its partners, operation towing and car replacement.

- Call the insurance company. It depends on the insurance policy you have hired. Some policies cover search and urgent dispatch of the second copy of the car keys.

-Call customer service your car brand. Some services customer car brands offer pickup service from the second key, make a copy and delivered with minimal cost.

If you have lost the two sets of car keys

- Call the car brand. Mark is responsible for giving us the information needed to solve the problem. We must prove ownership of the vehicle providing our ID and documentation of the car. The price varies depending on the brand, type of vehicle and whether or not we retain key code (supplied by the car). It can cost between 30 and 300 euros.

- Call the insurance company. Some insurance policies offer replacement car while we made a copy of the car keys.

If you close the car with the keys inside

If you lock your car and you left the keys inside, you have a problem, of course. In this situation, the best thing is call the insurance company to avoid incurring additional expenses. There are different tricks to unlock the car, but most of them can result in damage to the vehicle. In this sense, the car rental company Sixt recommends avoid opening the car on our own because this kind of quick fixes often do not solve the problem, on the contrary, they create others. In addition, the possible damage that can occur in the car are often expensive and not usually covered by the insurance policy.

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