Breathalyser tests: your rights

Breathalyser tests: your rightsalcohol controlYou have a number of obligationsenjoy various rightsYou can test positive with the intake of three glasses of wine or beerthe best rate for driving is 0.0

analysis by an electronic device known as a breathalyzer or breathalyzerquantitatively measure the degree of alcoholic impregnation

there is a possibility that the result is a false positivefailure or deficiency breathalyzerthe right to request a second testten minutesissue the administrative penaltyarrest of the driverimmobilizes the vehicleassist in situ to a breathalyserIf you do not agreeYou can freely apply for clinical analysiscommunicateprocedures
Notifiedall your rights
request documentation breathalyzerforced to show it
submit commentstestimony of a witness
breach of your rightsevidence before a judge

- Your duties in a breathalyser
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