Cars and caravans: Top 5 Tips for travel insurance

Cars and caravans: Top 5 Tips for travel insurance

Although the caravan is an option for any season, it is now in summer when we plan to do a longer trip and enjoy those days of deserved rest. The caravan is a classic that is now more fashionable than ever and many drivers choose it as first choice to make your trips for freedom of movement offered, facing the limitations of a conventional trip. The company specialized in mobility solutions, Arval, BNP Paribas belonging to the group, offers these keys to enjoying the holidays with our caravan advice.

1- The weight of the caravan does matter

To drive a trailer does not always serve us driving license type B, because with this permission we can only drive trailers with an Underweight 750 kg. If the sum of weights between the car and the caravan itself is less than 4,250 kg, the card B96 is needed. If between car and caravan total between 4,250 kg and 7,000 kg, B + E license is required. And if the weight of the car and the caravan exceeds 7,000 kg, the required license is C + E truck. In addition, the trailer needs its corresponding insurance. If the weight is less than 750 kg is not necessary, since I is protected by the vehicle insurance, but is heavier, will necessitate the employment appropriate insurance.

2- Is it fit the car to take the caravan?

We need to check and make sure, before embarking on the trip, our car is suitable to carry the caravan. Not all cars can do, so you have to confirm the technical specifications of the vehicle, and they can withstand the weight back because, otherwise, the vehicle could suffer serious damage. Normally, the trailer weight must not exceed half the weight of the car itself.

3- Maintaining optimum caravan

Before you get going with our caravan, we must carry out a series of checks to make sure everything is in order. The first thing to do is check the pressure of all wheels. It is also very important to level good weights between the two vehicles, car and caravan. It is advisable not to overload the trunk the car to the rear do not lose height. Also in the trailer must try that the center of gravity is right in front of the wheels as low as possible, because if the center is too early can not rotate.

4- The speed changes if we keep a caravan

When taking the highway, keep in mind that the legal speed to circulate when you can take a caravan is different than if only circulate with the car. On motorways, the speed limit for a vehicle with a trailer of less than 750 kg is 90 km / h. If weighs more than 750 kg, the limit is 80 km / h. In conventional roads all should lead to a maximum of 80 km / h, while the other roads outside town, the limit is 70 km / h. In the city It must adapt to a top speed of 50 km / h or 30 km / h, as established. Finally, if circulated roads our caravan not we spend about 25 km / h.

5- caution when driving with a caravan

On the road, when we travel by car with caravan, we must always bear in mind that the safety distance You should increase from the vehicle, because in case of having to make an emergency stop is needed more space available. When overtaking, you have to have more meters, and now the car is longer and the maneuver will be longer.

Special care at the time of facing slope. To upload, it is better to use short car engine does not fall turns and marches suffer excessively. On the descent, always quiet and slightly depressed brake.

Yet the when parking, remember that free camping is not allowed, so you will need to find a campsite or specifically authorized for the night areas.

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