Obligations road cyclist

Obligations road cyclist

The New Traffic Law includes a series of amendments and new rules on transit of bicycles in both city and highway driving. All this will come into force in late 2013 or early 2014.

Highlights of the new Law on Traffic

1 - Know where should circulate at all times:

Whenever there bike path we must use it without any doubt, but, failing that, we must have some notions in mind. In urban road It must be Circular attached to the right of the driveway everything you can, so that neither endangered or impede be developed. In interurban areas shall govern the same rule, but whenever there berm will have to use. For cycling by a dual carriageway it will be necessary have more than 14 years and driving on the hard shoulder. Some of these sections prohibit cyclists running on them, which is fine of 200 euros in case of violation of this rule. Should find by a pedestrian walkway, we have to get off the bike if it is not possible to keep a safe distance of at least one meter.

2 - Mandatory lighting:

Whenever a bike circulate on schedule night, at sunset and sunrise, and when invading urban and interurban roads in low light or in tunnels it will be necessary take the appropriate lighting. This is a white light position on the front and one red color on the back accompanied by a catadioptric the same color -never triangular shape. It will also be necessary use of a reflective vest. The intention is make visible both the cyclist and his bike 150 meters away. Noncompliance entails 80 euros sanctions -for lack of lights- and 200 euros reflectante--not wear vest.

3 - The hull:

It will be compulsory to carry a approved helmet when driving by interurban roads. Children under seven years or less passengers in a seat they will have to carry in any case. The only exception to bring this safety will in areas ascending ramps, when heat is extreme or medical accreditation exempting the rider such responsibility. Fines for this violation is punishable by 200 euros.

4 - How many can hop on a bike?

the bike only it allows the cyclist himself go uploaded, but it It is allowed to carry a passenger on a child under seven years, as long as the responsible for the bicycle is of age.

5 - not mobile or headphones:

The use of these devices is punished with 200 euro fine.

6 - Mark maneuvers

The rider is required to advance notice their movements on the road. If you want turn right should extend the right arm with the palm facing down, while to turn left will have to fold up the right arm. You can also use the left arm and, as far as possible, be notified of hard braking waving his arm up and down movements.

7 - Can be driven in parallel:

As long as not obstruct other vehicles.

8 - Speed ​​limits:

Cyclists should respect speed limits for each track, never exceeding 45 km / h, speed limit for bicycles.

9 - Zero alcohol bicycle:

As in the car, go on the bike overcoming 0.25 mg / l alcohol in expired air and 0.5 g / l of blood alcohol Just like in the car means fines of up to EUR 500. Circular under the influence of psychotropic substances also is a serious misconduct.

10 - Cyclists will not lose points driving license:

This rule ends with the loss of points for cyclists -very controversial until now. This is because riding a bicycle does not require any special license, so you can not apply such sanctions.