Washes difficult: how to remove resin, tar and mosquitoes

How to remove stains in the car resin, tar and mosquitoesHow to remove stains in the car resin, tar and mosquitoesHow to remove stains in the car resin, tar and mosquitoesHow to remove stains in the car resin, tar and mosquitoes

Sure the stains you speak today the have suffered (or, rather, your car has suffered) a hundred times. And surely you also has broadside greatly eliminate the remains, even leaving marks on the body. Who has not parked under the tree and upon arrival it was found hood and roof drops resin? Or,who has not circulated by a newly paved area and he is seen as the underbody ended with remains of tar? And much more frequent yet,who has not traveled in summer Holiday at destination has seen the entire front of the car was full of mosquitos it costs a lot then remove?

The resin, tar and to a lesser extent, mosquitoes, are some of the great enemies paint cars. If not removed in time, they can leave our vehicle irreversible stains, it costs a lot to remove the longer it goes. To do this, on the market some specific techniques and simple and very effective products. You hardly get, for example, remove the resin only water ... and do not ever do it with nails: Scraping may damage the paint. Then we offer our advice:

How to remove the resin

1-Clean the area to be treated

With any usual cleaning product, clean the area to be treated and where, subsequently be applied special anti resin. Do it with a cloth or mop micro fiber.

2-Care Stain

try moisten well only after the major resin spots, using the same cleaning product previous. Thus you leave the ready to apply the specific product and immediately surface.

3- Remove stains

And used in this step own product: any type of thinner you find on the market specified for waxes, fats, oils, glues, waxes, silicones, resins ... Acrysol 1Z, for example, is one of the products you can find. set it on clean cloth and then dropwise resin. You can also apply this product on each spot and clean it immediately with the cloth.

Car resin4-check area

After applying the specific product in each spot, solvent left to act for about 2 minutes. Thus the stain of resin will become soft and will retire and easy.

5-Clean Area

After cleaning stains resin is lavar affected areas with soap and water or any type of cleaning product and also used to wash the entire car. The result should be already perfect. If after this paint stains remain, it would be polished and to make that area.

How to remove tar

1-Scan place

It analyzes first how to clean and stain make sure that tar is predominant. This time, though you can also use a solvent as specified above (Acrysol ensures also remove traces of tar), has proved to us we more effective to use some kind of gel cheap, for just 2 euros, find large surfaces removers stains oil, grease or tar. Super Gel is one of the brands it sells. Apply this gel into pieces kitchen paper, because the cloth gets dirty very quickly.

2-Pase gel

Now applied and the gel spots. As the product passes go watching how the spots disappear. Do it with some force and uses the entire amount of paper towels as needed.

3-Use Shampoo

After cleaning the stain, always remains some other product. Take the opportunity to wash the area with foaming shampoo car. Use a bucket of water, shampoo and now itself a micro fiber cloth. And thoroughly clean the entire area.

4-Lava car

And then fail to washing the car in full. Before, yes, see if blotchy areas still exist and applied again before the gel or the solvent. Make hand washing with water at low pressure.

How to remove mosquitoes

Mosquitos in the car1-Clean with water

Clean the front and windshield with water first for moisten. Then, take a product suitable for cleaning insects or mosquitoes, you'll find large stores or specialty stores. Bug Squash is one of them. Most you will dilute in water (3: 1, three parts water to one product). Place the formula obtained within a spray.

2-Start spraying

Using the spray, this specific product applied across the area to be cleaned. Do it abundantly without forgetting the grilles and air inlets and the windshield if it is dirty.

3-Leave it to take effect

After applied with the spray, allowed to act for a few minutes the product. But not for long so they do not "eat" the paint.

4-Wash it

placed in water and shampoo a bucket car. Now uses a glove sheepskin to remove mosquitoes, soaking in the bucket continuously.

5-Clean surface

Spend the glove over the entire surface with mosquitoes. After acting, the product will be dampened and acted against insects, being and much easier to remove. Then, using a hose (preferably with good pressure) to remove all traces of foam present in the body. The result should be perfect.

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