8 Specific tools for the car that you must have

8 Specific tools for the car that you must have8 Specific tools for the car that you must have8 Specific tools for the car that you must have8 Specific tools for the car that you must have

An operation like rotate the wheels so that the tires wear equally or simply to change summer by winter, now that the first snows arrive, you can take a whole morning if we chose to use the tools of the car (cat, wrench and spare tire) or we can undertake it in a few minutes Surely no more than half an hour if we have a hydraulic jack, a borriquetas and a good key (Carraca either in cross or torque) to loosen / tighten quickly and, above all, ease the screws.

But such an operation not only will we appreciate the time and working comfort, too vital security. And is that the Serial cats equipped cars are primarily designed for emergencies, in occasional use and in many cases even nonexistent. Therefore, no wonder that his sole design be more important its compact size, low weight and also reduced cost. Logically, the quality of the tool used in a workshop, in either case rises to triple digits, it is much higher, but for amateur use, do not need to invest as much.

Hydraulic jackHydraulic jack

Hydraulic jacks skate are an excellent solution to lift safely and quickly the car for its larger bearing surface on the ground and that can be used in soils that are not completely regular, dirt or gravel, although this is not ideal . It is recommended that withstand at least two tons weight, with a good range in height lift, good base that fits easily supports different car and a rotating wheels to facilitate placement.


They are the ideal complement to the hydraulic jack to hold the car safely once you've raised so you can work with full guarantees. Two have enough, but with also you can perform many jobs. those of zipper, as photo offer a safer lock, and greater opportunities to set up. As with cats, load capacity must be at least two tons.

Ratcheting WrenchRatchet wrench or cross

Many of the keys to loosen or tighten the wheel bolts included with the supply of cars origin do not allow a good lever and some employ materials such low quality that just rounded single use. Therefore, it is quite advisable to buy a ratchet wrench or cross, which not only let you stronger, also they offer better ergonomics while to facilitate the operation more quickly, especially if you have extendable handle and ratchet.

torque wrenchtorque wrench

Contrary to what some people think, screws or nuts are tightened never until you can no more force. Not surprisingly, each nut has its torque; which is only a couple of forces, resistance against tightening screw. I imagine ever changing a wheel has not been able or has cost you a lot loosen even screw the herculean may have either roto, because that does not happen should be tightened with a torque ratchet wrench capable of measuring the force in Nm (Newton meters), there are even some with a digital display allowing more easily select the optimum. If the manual does not put the order of tightening of each nut or bolt, always we will press on the cross so that the pieces are well coupled.

Pera liquid transferPera liquid transfer

They are very recommended to draw fuel from the tank without the danger of sucking swallowing a tube. Very cheap and with many more applications than we may think at first.

Exhaust filtersExhaust filters

It is these simple and inexpensive keys without which we can leave an operation half, as there always can be operated by hand. There are leg strap and maleteado steel strip, like the photo, which offers easier use.

Spark plug wrenchSpark plug wrench

The most articulated are not the best, although it does allow us to work more easily when mechanical accessibility is not good. It can be replaced perfectly by the torque wrench with a specific vessel plugs.

Air compressorAir compressor

Not only it serves to inflate the wheels, air gun usually -including in the toolkit air comprimido- It is very useful for cleaning filters or quickly dusting small inaccessible surfaces. Although the use we are going to give occasional is better to choose at least one with a 50 liter tank, a maximum pressure of 8 bar and a power of 2 hp. If we are going to move something, it will also be assessed having good rubber wheels, because their weight is high.

Tools that are not specific but must not fail

-magnetic finger


-pliers inner and outer clips



-Ratchet wrench set of glasses

-Allen wrench set

-Torx wrench set

-Set flat tip screwdrivers and Star

-Nylon hammer

-Impact driver (for those who resist screws out)