How driving license. Steps to follow

How driving license. Steps to follow

Throughout life, you must several times to renew driver's license. I get nothing, the date of validity It is 10 years until you turn age 65 (As of this age, every 5 years is renewed). Well, to renew the license you have three ways to do it: Directly through the traffic headship Correspondingly, going to the Driver Recognition Centers or through the Business who are responsible for doing the paperwork for you (through specialized companies and services offered by insurers). You can start processing all the documents three months before the expiry date your card.

Driver Recognition Centers

Directly under the Ministry of Interior and the corresponding official permission, made all the arrangements for you. On the official website DGT (DGT), appears a list of all the supporting centers in Spain. In these centers, you have to present a personal identity document (either ID card or passport), make a psycho-technical examination to ensure that you are with all physical and mental faculties to drive (cost between 35-40 euros), you get the I passport size photos (You can take them after they have been done before or directly you make them in the middle, if you take previously, these pictures must not exceed the following measures 32 x 26 mm) and pay the current administrative fee IV.3 or traffic rate (In 2015, it is € 23,50).

Made all these procedures at these centers recognition, the driver obtains a temporary shelter which allows you to drive on national territory for three months. Typically, once the center has sent all the forms, confirmation of payment of fees, medical certificate and other personal data to the DGT, the driver will receive about 10 days after your license renewed at home.

In the Provincial Traffic

With this method, the driver can save some money to avoid the costs of management of medical centers and specialized recognition-insurance companies. He driver can complete all formalities in one morning going directly to the Provincial corresponding traffic, yes, It has previously been performed a medical examination certifying their abilities to lead (these centers deliver a copy to the person concerned, in addition to such medical certificate sent directly to the DGT via email).

Once in the head, the driver has to fill in the official form (available at Headquarters own or download PDF from the website previously DGT). With this form, the photos taken and the medical certificate has to appear at the corresponding window with your personal documents (ID card or passport) and pay the traffic rate (the IV.3 with cost of € 23,50). After all, the driver receives a temporary shelter in Spain that accredits him to drive while awaiting receipt of the renewed license at home.

Insurance companies and specialized companies

Many of the vehicle insurance Y several specialized companies They are responsible for doing all the paperwork for you. At bottom, they offer the same as the centers of medical and Interior Ministry accreditation recognition. companies like or service mutual insurer Mutua Madrileña take care of everything for you (you go to the office in question, you get the medical examination, pay traffic rate IV.3 and will deliver an official receipt while waiting reception card and renovated).

For drivers who are abroad

If you are in the Foreign and want to complete all formalities for renewal of your driving license, you can do as follows. First, it is recommended to start processing all from one diplomatic or consular (Embassy), but you can do it directly by putting contact via email with the DGT. You must submit the following: heel-foto duly completed and signed (you can ask for in an embassy or consular office), report psycho-physical fitness (issued by a doctor in the country concerned and visa-certified by the embassy or consular office) copy of the receipt and payment of traffic rate IV.3. This payment can be made via the Internet or via bank transfer the exact amount in euros (€ 23.50) to the Central Headquarters with the following account data-recipient: C.C.C .: 0049 5103 79 2616578716; IBAN: ES23 0049 5103 7926 1657 8716; SWIFT: BSCHESMM. The concept of transfer must include the following in this order: 1 No. DNI; 2nd Surname and name; Renewal fee 3rd driving license.