How to sell the car of a deceased person

How to sell the car of a deceased person

The sale of used cars is booming, especially in recent years, in which the crisis squeezes ever. He a deceased family car It can be an important source of income, plus a spending less to cover Sure, workshop space ...-. But We do not always know how to perform the task of inheriting a vehicle that belonged to a deceased family or what steps we must follow to, When the moment comes, to sell it to a third party.

The Steps to follow can be a significant loss of time, but more than necessary to become car owners in question. Some grazing and This explanation will suffice to carry out smooth management.

1. Inherit the car

It is a necessary process to transferring the car to our name. The documentation required is as follows:

  1. Death certificate owner of the car: Is issued by the Civil registration the place where the death took place.
  2. Last Will Certificate: after 15 working days after the loss of family You can ask the General Registry of Last Will. This will only be possible when the deceased has given the vehicle in his will. Otherwise, you will have to resort to Declaration Heirs abintestato (if the crown is the spouse, an upward or a downward) or Auto Judicial Rights of Heirs if it inherits a brother, nephew or other family relationship that are not top notch.
  3. Inheritance Tax Settlement: The list of assets of the deceased presented in hacienda (Which should include the vehicle to inherit). It must accompany the Letter Payment or Exemption Statement taxes.
  4. Acceptance documents, Partition and Heritage Award: It may be a Public deed or a private document particional, according to the decision taken by the heirs of the property.

2. Change Vehicle ownership

Once inherited the car, we must put our name. The documentation to be present both the Provincial Traffic Department and the local tax office is the next:

  1. Documentation car (Data sheet and registration certificate).
  2. document certifying that ITV of the car It is in effect.
  3. DNI the new owner.
  4. Municipal Tax on Motor Vehicle.
  5. Transfer Tax, which you can collect the printed (model 620) on the delegation Estate of each locality. We will have to pay a 4 percent of the value assigned to the vehicle by the counseling of Finance.
  6. Rate the Traffic Department for change of ownership (52.20 euros).
  7. Vehicle transmission request by inheritance.

Once completed the forms, it will be time go to pay the above rates corresponding to the place (Treasury or provincial traffic). It is important to note that ever We must be accompanied by documents proving us as heirs of the car. Since inheritance is confirmed, the awarded has 90 days to put your name the vehicle or his representative (In case you have not yet reached the age of majority). Once the registration certificate on behalf of the heir, will be effective the possibility of selling the car. For the sales process and transfer the car to the buyer will follow the normal steps.