Buy second hand car: 5 tips for do not be fooled

Buy second hand car: 5 tips for do not be fooled

Glittery, apparently well maintained with an acceptable number of kilometers ... and much cheaper than a new car! A used car can be a real minnows if you're looking to save a few thousand euros and you are not scrupulous verb Brand achiever. You've heard dozens of times, "since you get the car dealership door, you start losing money." With this background, how appealing will not be buying a used?

That is the crux of the matter: you you know and seller too and, a little about your car wants to get as much money as possible, it will maquear everything I can to make you fall in love at first sight. So far, no hits; The but comes when operations makeup hide some cosmetic surgery and do not expect it.

So, Our advice is that you open your eyes and pay attention to five small details before finally deciding on the second-hand vehicle which he has captivated you.

1.Comprueba the number of odometer

All kilometers are possible accompanied by a coherent explanations and sometimes even they are necessary, because if you have endeavored to believe that the car of your dreams, having a decade, has only traveled 50,000 kilometers, however much it impossible to clearly will seem real as life itself.

Caveats aside, It is best to avoid sentimentality and acts of faith by going to the Provincial Traffic Department to ask a simple note in the General Register of Vehicles: The document reflects the number of kilometers they had the car when it happened last ITV and only costs 8.30 euros.

2.Solicita all possible papers evidencing car maintenance

Bills workshops have a dual purpose: on the one hand, they are worth to know how they care the vehicle if the owner has followed the maintenance guide to what has gone centers, which parts has changed ... .- and secondly, to see if the car has had any serious fault and how it was resolved.

Another plus is that these documents often recorded mileage of the car, thus also they will serve to compare the first data.

3.Comprueba the number of vehicle frame

The car chassis number does not correspond with this documentation -ficha technical and permit circulation- or appreciate that has been handled, are big words, but it is not more than throw a peek under the hood. If the worst suspicions are confirmed, we face an offense of forgery that could cover theft of the vehicle handling.

4.The contract of sale, must

What good vibes going is great, but buying a car can not trust anyone, so It is the best thing written record of commercial operation. Asks the seller a contract of sale which shall contain all data on the drive, including kilometers.

5.Si suspicion, complaint

Are not you a good feeling about the seller? Do you think there may be a fraud? Go to the Civil Guard and files a complaint: it is the only way to meet and stop a possible crime of fraud.

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