Errors can be fatal to circular fog

Errors can be fatal to circular fog

In these weeks in which fog is revealing remarkably, especially in the early hours of the morning, it is important to know the major mistakes we make drivers before this apparently inofensiva- weather conditions. Most of them can be sanctionable, so do not miss what we tell you then.

Major mistakes when driving in fog

1 - Use the beam: The most common mistake is to turn popularly known as 'long' lights, which not only help us better see the road, but may even be counterproductive. The reason is that these lights are reflected as strong in the fog itself, making it even more the already low visibility we have. In addition, we can annoy other drivers.

Errors can be fatal to circular fogYou must know that you are forced to use light position and of crossing when you encounter dense fog-whether or not. The use of light front fog It is optional-provided that you meet weather conditions previous ones, so you can use it without problems. Quiet, are specially prepared to avoid reflected against you.

Be careful, because the light rear fog you can not always use. But it is mandatory in conditions of dense fog and when necessary make us see. If you can dazzle other road users, we proceed to disconnect because it would be punishable keep them on in a hold for example.

2 - No adjust speed to road conditions: many drivers are overwhelmed when they are going through a foggy area, so keep a fairly fast speed or even accelerate out of it as soon as possible. The problem comes from the difficulty for the driver to see if it goes too fast or not. Not seeing landmarks as signs or trees, we can be driving above what we consider a 'security level'. It is best to use the accelerator and brake smoothly.

3 - Park in the berm: poor visibility do we decide to stop and wait for the fog is less dense. This decision is absolutely right, but we must not stop in areas where we can be an obstacle to other vehicles. For example, stopping on the hard shoulder is not a good idea. It is best to use multiple stations that can be found along the way.

4 - Sticking too close to the vehicle in front of us: It is a common misconception that even respected many times in the day. But we can not keep bad habits, because with fog collision probability increases. Do not make the failure to refer to a vehicle that carry forward. It is best to use lighting properly so that others will see and maintain a safe distance from other road users.

5 - Drive with the same confidence as a normal day: the habit of doing the same route long years behind the wheel, can take its toll. We need to be much more focused on foggy days, which do not have the same visibility as a sunny day. Although not clearly see the dangers are still there. Forget about distractions with mobile or raise the volume of the music too. Defensive driving must always be high, but on days with bad weather conditions must be extreme. Neither is a bad idea you open the windows a little, allowing you to hear what's happening around you. Who knows if your ear can get to intuit what the eye does not perceive!