How to repair your tires … with very little effort

Tire repair: all the secretsTire repair: all the secretsTire repair: all the secretsTire repair: all the secrets

The Curbs are the main enemy of our tires, followed by large potholes when it comes to undermine its integrity; while dirt road or dust linings of the brakes, with overlays, are the unmercifully the factors that get dirty. And with those battered and dirty tires of our car appearance deteriorates.

A formula to get back the good looks of that car is replace them with a new game. Nevertheless, It is not a desirable solution always. On the one hand, If we look at scrapyards or acquired from second-hand, we risk that either are not in the best condition or even presenting a poor condition initially difficult to perceive: a small crack ruins a rim and sometimes, it is not perceived until the tire is not mounted. And, unfortunately, there are few scoundrels who take advantage of Internet sales to place these defective products. Indeed, repairing a crack in an aluminum rim yes, me too engañaron- me comes to cost between 50 and 100 euros.

Another solution involves replacement of our tires with new ones, but this operation is very costly. As in the previous case, the advantage is that you can choose what need or want from multiple possibilities.

Tire repairs yourself

However, the option for here We opted is to recover those damaged tires. We do this for many reasons: know your state, we do not need different tires that we ride, we would probably like, since we chose in his day among other options; even because fixing them is a very economical solution: if we want a professional, the price will be between 40 and 80 euros per tire; if we do it ourselves, which involve materials, ie, a maximum of 60 euros15 Putty, 12 spray primer, paint as much for what they cost and dogfish.

also can offset using the original tires our car simply to change their appearance, modifying the original color on the other we like more.

The task ahead ourselves last minimum of tooling -lijadora, spatula and, if anything, compressor and gun; trestles are also good to raise the car- and maña, beyond a place covered in which carry it out; but in return, besides costing much less it gives satisfaction not depend on anyone for it.

If this seems convincing, these are the steps you must follow to make your car tires regain the splendor of the first day. Please note that you will need for the entire operation a couple of hours per tire.

Tire repair your step

  1. Although it is too obvious, clean them. You can apply different products, most of them base their effectiveness in acidity, which gives them a certain corrosive power, so manage them carefully. However, it is worthwhile to use them because they work very well. We advise you to take hand All Wheel Cleaner Meguiar (14.95 euros) - "limpiallantas ready to use and easy to apply, is valid for all types of surfaces and even if sprayed on the tire cleans effectively and safe "tells Victor Cano, Detailing- Store and if you want even more pro, the Wheel Britghtener (36.95 euros) of the same brand -" preferred by many professionals thanks to its high potency, is acid-base but respects all materials if some instructions are stored, at a dilution of 1: 4 can obtain performance and very good results in very dirty tires just spray and with the help of a brush or specific brush I renewed dirt to act followed clarify and have impeccable tires, "Cano says.
  2. If you have an important presence powder brake pads previous products by themselves are not going to serve. You will need before they take hold of, ferric decontaminant. They smell very peculiar way, but are very effective. Britemax Iron Max (15.85 euros), according to director of sales Detailing Store, "is one of the best on the market, without faint smell of cherry makes it extremely appealing to use, its formula is designed to remove all ferrous contamination ferodo and remains of other limpiallantas fail to eliminate a pulverizing left to act about 7 minutes, after that time we see how he reacts by breaking down dirt and ferric clinging to the surface, we clarify with water and ready. "
  3. Once devoid of dirt -with some will suffice to get here, especially if it comes to the rear tires, less likely to receive golpes- repair begins. If you not desmontaste the wheel starts I do for plantearte work more comfortable horizontally. A protected table or trestles can serve as a stable support.tire repair
  4. You have to identify where scratches and bumps are placed, usually those on the outer edge of the disc and, once done, we proceed to sanding areas of damage, for what you can use an orbital sander. compensates use sandpaper that roughing (80), at first, in order to obtain a certain uniformity in the bites; and only then do it with a softer sandpaper (120 or 240) to improve the finish. Just this step, applying solvent decontaminate universal, which will remove any trace of fat as well.tire repair
  5. Encintamos the tire for what, if we paint it subsequently avoid smears. I do not smear it also putty if we have to use it.tire repair
  6. It's time to repair the areas where we lost some of the material of the rim. After sanding those losses appear larger, but do not worry because it is easy to fill them and give them the right way. We will use a polyester putty filler plus the catalyst for it, obtaining uniformity application with the rest of the tire. After this operation and once dried, which only takes a few minutes, the sand it with sandpaper 400 dry.tire repairtire repair
  7. We give you a spray primer to the rim so that the paint is properly set. You can find it, like putty aluminum paint in any specialized shop. Seeks to distribute it well: it is one of the keys to the painting process is flawless.
  8. Is the time to paint. You can keep the original color of the rims or choose a different. In any case, choose either the color, even using codes each brand in doubt. It gives a surface layer, in a first pass; then a more closely. Uses gun or spray, as the primer, in a place where there is no dust or wind risk Easy Does It, maintaining the proper distance from the rim.tire repair
  9. After the painting phase, wait for the drying absoluteness. After passing a microfiber cloth by-clean surface, of course to remove any traces of dust deposited, and applying a lacquer that will provide greater brightness and protection paint. Even it is advisable to put several layers.tire repair
  10. Seize the time it takes for drying the rim before refitting, thoroughly clean brake calipers, damper... in short, everything you see, because although it may seem that no pass with a solvent soaked rag note, if it is perceived.