5 Keys on notifications of fines

5 Keys on notifications of fines

Have you been seized by a fine you have never notified? Did you come a penalty for triple the amount not identify the driver without having knowledge of the first? The failures in reporting fines are unfortunately very common above all because the administration It does not always fulfill the Law and uses the call TESTRA, Edictal traffic fines before having tried to communicate to the driver properly sanction.

The first thing is to understand that agents corresponding traffic authority must notify the complaint in the act. Now the Law Road Safety Administration gives ample "excuses", as "the complaint is formulated in circumstances where stopping the vehicle can cause a risk for circulation "; what "the authority has evidence through means of capturing and reproducing images permitting the identification of the vehicle "; or what "the agent is performing surveillance and traffic control and lacks the means to proceed with the prosecution of the vehicle (the latter paragraph introduced in spring 2014). Also that the driver is not present (Parking tickets). The notification sent to us must appear and justify the reason for not being delivered on the spot. In any case, you must understand that if you commit an offense the law is clear on ways and timing of administration and affected. These are the keys.

1. The notification of the infringement It should be in the Electronic address vial you have provided the DGT. But only legal persons are obliged to do so, you usually will not have facilitated the traffic. Thus, notification I is performed in the address expressly stated to the procedure (Which you indicate during the process), and failing at the address shown on the records of the DGT (It is important to have it updated).

2. The Act provides that if the person concerned is not in the time of notification in the direction of the driver you can do charge anyone who is in the home and recording the identity. If no one takes responsibility, the fact is noted in the disciplinary proceedings (with the corresponding date and time) and a new communication "says the law- practice again within three days." If not possible delivery, it is met in the process, proceeding to the publication in the Edictal, TESTRA. That is to say, the administration You must notify attempt a penalty twice (If the first're not in your home) before publication in the Testra, which certainly does not see many people.

3. Various details of when it is given by a notice served. Yes Facilitas Road Address to DGT and no record of receipt of the notification and ten calendar days elapse without accessing your content is deemed to have been rejected, unless you prove that you could not access it. Rejection it is stated in the disciplinary proceedings conducted and taken for notification, starts counting the period 20 days to pay or appeal. As well It is given by notified a penalty when the person is at home and rejects the notification.

4. When They do not give us notice in hand at the time of the offense, the vehicle owner It has a period of fifteen calendar days to identify the offender. If it is not done, the fine for the owner is twice as intended if the offense is minor and triple if serious or very serious. It is common that a driver is directly with a fine of several hundred euros for failing to identify the driver without having received prior. In this case we can argue in a paper that has not reached us the first communication and identifying the driver. the sanction should not take off for identification.

5. But when can we forget a fine? He limitation period for offenses is three months for minor offenses and six for serious and very serious. The limitation period will start counting from the same day when the facts were committed.