Steps to polish your car paint

Steps to polish your car paint

Although today paintings are much stronger than a few years ago, over time deteriorate. external agents such as cold, sun, rain or droppings, are slowly eating the brightness of cars, tarnishing its appearance. Our goal in this article is to prevent premature aging outside these little tricks you can perform in the garage of your house. Because a good washing is not enough.

The key to polish the car is polished

If you want to get him back lost luster paint your car, removing surface scratches esses and making the best shine, you must submit to the body to a polishing process. Clearly, if encomienda this task to a professional who has special machines get better results. But if you want to save some cash and do it from home on a secret: the choice of 'polish' or polish is the key to success. This is a more or less creamy compound containing microabrasive responsible for removing imperfections or microscratches paint evenly and return this painting healthy appearance. A good product in combination with good technical impact on a job well done.

The 'polish' must be a creamy liquid, never a thick mass because in this case, it is often difficult to remove so you can create the opposite effect, making the most opaque paint. After choosing the appropriate product, the difficulty of polishing lies in the number of times you apply the product. The trick is to go observing the state of painting as is administering the product. Eddies, or circular imperfections that are generated are to be disappearing.

This task of buffing can be repeated until needed, as they said at that ochentera film 'Karate Kid' 'to wax on, wax off' and so get that new car shine. But you should bear in mind that paint varnish is not endless.

Steps to leave your shiny car

With these tricks you'll make your car shine with impeccable appearance. Take note of how you polish your car.

1. Clean the surface to be polished: passing a clean cloth body. You can use a quick cleaning product.

2. Use a suitable product: after evaluating the condition of the paint, you have to apply the polish or 'polish' with a sponge. Place the product on one side thereof.

3. Extends the 'polish': the product has applied for longitudinal movements. Begins to see little pressure and increasing it as you go spreading.

4. Eliminates the remains: with a microfiber cloth, clean the remains of polish that may have become. This task has to do it very carefully.

5. Final treatment: after administering an abrasive polish, uses a thinner aftertreatment. You can exploit the same sponge, on the opposite side.

6. Return to polishing: It performs the same operation as many times as necessary. Remember: make longitudinal movements without pressure, and remove the residue with a microfibre cloth.

If you opt for a professional, the application will be performed with a polishing machine. This leaves the brightest paint because it exercises the right pressure and performs a correct application, without the work takes less time.

How brighten leaves you paint your car?

According to the state of the paint of your car you can use three types of 'polish' different: for a very deteriorated paint; for a less deteriorated paint and finishing. You need to extend an applicator sponge or double-sided and a microfiber cloth to clean the remains of product.

Polish prices, in all its versions, around 20 euros. The double-sided applicator is about EUR 6, the cloth 4 euros and quick cleaning product find it for about 17 euros. You can buy even a non-professional polisher for about 20 euros that will facilitate the task. In total it will cost 47 euros polishing your car (hand polished), compared to 100 euros which costs the professional level recover the brightness of the car and remove surface scratches and marks mosquitoes. But if your car paint remains pretty well and just want to brush to remove the maximum brightness, for about 40 euros you can find this service less than what it would cost you if you do it on your own.

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