Tricks to pay less road tax

Tricks to pay less road tax

On April 1 he opened the deadline to pay the Road tax, It is ending in most municipalities on 31 May. As you know, this tax is annual and varies according to prosecutors horses of our vehicle. However, variations also exist between different municipalities, because municipalities are free to apply this tax rate within the limits established by law. As a rule, provincial capitals usually have higher prices, while small towns have lower prices. To avoid overpaying, there are certain tricks are completely legal, to pay less in tax. We see, as well as Work out some doubts.

Register your vehicle in the village

To save a few euros, You may register in another municipality where which road tax be less. Once effected change your legal address, you can go to the Traffic Department with the previous tax paid circulation, the data sheet of your vehicle, a photocopy of it and the new registration certificate. However, you should bear in mind that, although the change will be made immediately, reduction in the amount of the charge will not become effective until next year. Thus, if you empadronas now in a town, you will not enjoy until 2016 the new price.

Needless to remember that for empadronarte in another location, you must have a home or property-and whether itself or rent- therein.

Enrolls your car as a classic

If your vehicle has over 25 years, I appreciate you can enroll as a classic model. This scheme is also legal, although it has more disadvantages than the first mentioned. First because not all municipalities have a historical plaque stands discount, There are places where you can enjoy 25 or even 100 percent discount, but in other locations not contemplated any discount older models.

To request historical plaque will have to prove residency in the given district and also bring your car ténica Sheet. Certain municipalities also requested that your car is registered as historic, while others do not require it. The procedure also costs money, so you should consider whether you rent or not to, especially if you plan to sell your vehicle in the near future or if you do enough kilometers with him a year to write off the expense.

How do I pay road tax?

Most municipalities the letter sent tax payment to the homes Circulation, so you will not have to pay it rather than go to one of the banks specified on the back of it and make the payment.

If, on the other hand do not send it, you will have to approach the City of your town to pay the amount associated with your car.

Who should pay this tax?

The tax payment letter Circulation always be made on the person who, at 1 January of any given year, be designated as vehicle holder, as is stated in the permit. This means that if you buy a used car from an individual, it must provide proof of payment of that tax. Watch for this, as not having paid a day, once the vehicle is yours might have problems.

What is a tax horsepower?

This unit, typified by the acronym CVF, It is indicating the tax burden that applies to your vehicle. His figure is the result of calculation between the engine displacement and number of cylinders. The higher, the greater the burden associated with the car.

What capital it is the most expensive and the cheapest ones?

Provincial capitals where is lowest road tax are Melilla, Ceita, Zamora, Soria, Palencia Caceres, Jaen, Badajoz, Pamplona and Pontevedra, the first being the cheapest above, ranging between 6.31 euros -for vehicles with less than 8 CVF- and 56 euros -in vehicles over 20 CVF-. Meanwhile, in the most expensive highlights Saint Sebastian, ranging from 42.30 and 346.32 euros, while exceeding the minimum of 25 euros capital as Castellón, Ciudad Real, Granada, Huelva, Lleida, Oviedo, Salamanca, Santander and Teruel.

Large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia They are average. In the case of the Spanish capital, vehicles with less than 8 CVF They have to pay 22 euros, while of 8 to 11.99 CVF shall pay 66 euros, from 12 to 15.99 euros CVF 143, from 16 to 19.99 euros CVF 179 and with CVF more than 22 224 euros. With respect to Barcelona and Valencia, the cost of traffic taxes ranges between 23.47 and 217 euros Y 21.20 and 210.59 euros respectively.

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