Scratches on your car: so easily removed

Scratches on your car: so easily removed

Miraculous elixir is the WD-40. There are few Internet users who have praised this lubricant having multiple, and surprising, uses among which includes the eliminate typical and uncomfortable scratches which often presents our car body.

Watching this video, it almost seems a miracle: just spray this lubricant 'made in' US and rub with a cloth, which was a completely striped becomes a new fin before. usually works with these typical scratches makes us another car, leaving her painting souvenir in our body. But there's more: a user talks about his experience in a video praising the WD-40 and detailing up to 46 uses. One of them, spray paint clean our body, the perfect medicine for funny hooligan who has dedicated himself to leave 'brand' in your car.

Created in 1953 by an industrial chemist US WD-40 he born to degrease and prevent corrosion rocket, It is its active ingredient a volatile viscous oil. Its use became popular when it bought a company in San Diego and started selling it in droves.

In addition to cleaning miraculously scratches or paint stains, also it serves to clean stains left by insects they crash into your body, for clean tires, for lubricate and protect the hinges of the doors of your car or properly preserve chainsIt protects tensioners and gives elasticity to the rubber bands. If you also take a look at the multiple uses beyond the automobile, the conclusion is clear: having a pot at home we can save a lot of trouble ...

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