Tips and systems not robbed in car

Alarms, cutoffs and other anti-theft devices. do they work?Alarms, cutoffs and other anti-theft devices. do they work?Alarms, cutoffs and other anti-theft devices. do they work?Alarms, cutoffs and other anti-theft devices. do they work?

Unfortunately, car theft and belongings this to the order of the day: alone 2015, and on average, they were stolen in Spain 12 cars per hour. Hence the car manufacturers incorporate new formulas that increasingly impede theft criminals. An example is achieved with every day greater integration of stereos and navigation equipments and factory. In fact, each other apart in almost all cases the screen (often touch) buttons and controls management. Another classic is the antitheft installation, either as standard or as options. It is a standard LCoded wash contact and in many versions, especially medium and high ranges, systems alarm siren. However, the attacks still occur, largely because Thieves also have specialized, "Recycled" to catch both performance and neutralizing much of these technologies, to know in detail and in advance its "modus operandi".

To try to resolve this problem, Brands are increasingly investing in the development of anti-theft items, gradually more capable and impregnable. The variety is wide: simple rigid bars wheel, in some cases blocking one of the pedals (the most effective are, however, which are supported on the table) to cuestan between 20 and 80 euros; handbrake locks (When it is lever-type, the most common) and change, that often from about 36 euros; and even no cutoffs and alarms, some of which, more sophisticated, even they have GPS positioning or phone.

Alarms: simple or very complete ...

We started talking about alarms. Y There are all kinds: from the simplest, leaving by just over 25 euros (Eye, without a installation that easily goes above 70 euros) And blocking passivity engine start. OR more complex, already integrated GPS or GSM antennas to locate the car at all times. The latter can even remotely open and stop the engine in full swing. Of course, notified of any attempted sabotage, mobilization without the intervention of the key and remaining impacts that can receive the car parked. Moreover, they often have a intercom to find out what happens inside the cabin. Regardless of prices, a witness led activation warns anyone who set inside.

Car theftTurning to more complete alarms, They can add once installed add-ons. It is independent modules that provide additional protection to the vehicle. It is the case electronic vibration sensors, of the modules anti-upliftment wheel (80 euros), Specific parking open a convertible (some 90 euros, alarm separately) or type of alzacristales, among others.

For a specialist, mount a good alarm (between 130 and 180 euros, as popular signature Cobra) Is not complicated, nor is its management, often associated with the remote control of the vehicle. We have set in one of the most comprehensive on the market, proposing the company Prosegur. His proposal is vehicle safety connected to an emergency center responsible for activating the protocol when the device emits an alert in real time. The immediate advantage is the implementation of tracking for vehicle location, in case of theft, at any time of day, indicating its position to the security forces. The system also alerts the owner of the vehicle if the battery status is low. And lets you configure alerts, warnings and reports, and even locate tourism through the mobile phone owner. The most complete services include alerts for areas "in&out", Velocity, displacement crane, reproduction routes, management reporting and tracking routes, email alerts, points of interest and organization and fleet management company.


One of the today more interesting services they can offer sophisticated alarm system is called eCall, or automatically call for help in case of accident, which They may also be able to locate the vehicle in case of theft. This can also be activated by pushing a SOS button to effect, located inside the vehicle and has a central receiving intercom. This system, which will soon be mandatory on all vehicles new production marketed in the European Union, issued a warning to a central hired alarm, once verified the event, notifies the emergency services, reporting and the rescue teams and rescue the exact place where the damaged vehicle to help immediately and get out as quickly as possible.

eCallCutoffs: cheap and very effective

Other solution for many drivers who choose today is the cortacorrientes. Between parts and installation (unless you're a real "hands", we recommend going to a specialist mechanic to mount and avoid problems and interference with car electronics resulting in evils over which you try to prevent) you can go for about 100 euros: Either the car is and, yes, with a job well done, clean and away from cables, perforations in sight and, above all, switches that might betray their presence.

his Operation is simple: a connector well hidden (there are even tactile), sometimes in the bellows change or base of the steering column, disconnects the connection between the contact Y, eg fuel pump wave making diagnosis (OBD) of the vehicle. With activated, start the car, or any of the electrical equipment on board, is simply impossible. Moreover, you can place a double cortacorrientes with time sequence: only works if we play in two places and wait a few seconds, which a priori ignores the thief.

Our opinion and advice so you do not steal

No doubt, in part, what car theft is a lottery, and also the maxim "if they want to take it off, you're going to remove" usually almost always met. But at the same time there are steps to put it difficult. For example, and at all costs, it is obviously basic to avoid leaving anything inside the car, especially sight and even if it's value. And that there are cases where you do not need nor it is. For example, a suction cup to support the navigator on the dashboard may indicate that there is a team well hidden somewhere in the car: starting point to force it, but then do not find anything. Leave open the glove box, empty (no documentation) and even a sign to warn of the lack of value elements can function, however rudimentary it may seem, even parking in garage. Matter of personal discipline.

From there you all as we have seen: the mechanical locks that we tell in this article, alarms (the locator are expensive because they require a monthly maintenance of around 20 euros, equipment and installation separately) and cortacorrientes, more economical but effective, unless they want to tow the car to take him. Be clear that "they" are at jumping, even on inhibitors and associated electronics, and playing with our apathy and our daily ennui: sometimes parked anyway just to get home or to the destination of the day. At this point, it is worth reading these tips:

1-A if possible, parked in a well lit and not isolated.

2- If you park next to a curb or wall, leaves turned and locked wheels to them. Will prevent push or tow the car easily.

3- In March, the sure the doors close them to avoid arrests and traffic lights round.

Equip the car with 4- some anti-theft system and connect every time you park, even for a short time.

5- Do not let the car keys and copies inside or in its vicinity.

6- Do not leave any valuables inside the car, even hidden. Bank cards, wallets, browsers, computers, tablets, cameras ... are preferred by criminals and will not hesitate to force the car to take with them. Resorts eye where the guard is lowered and part of the left luggage on board.

7- If you use a portable navigator avoid leaving tracks, as a cable connected to the cigarette lighter or signal or encirclement of the suction cup on the glass: only so many lunettes break searching for the device inside the car.

8- Bring documentation if you'll leave the car stopped for a long period. Remember that it is worth having a copy of the papers in a safe place: also steal and do business with the stolen documents.

9- At home, keys and copies should not be prominently to avoid oversights.

10- Close well the car every time you download of him many robberies happen when lowering to open a garage to get gas and go to pay ... Situations in which, in addition, insurance is not responsible for negligence cross out the owner.

eleven- Be sure to go down and close with the command that the car indeed has been closed. One recent methods of theft is applying inhibitors to avoid closing: once you get away, just open the doors and subtract everything they can. Often it happens especially in tourist and holiday areas.

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