How to know if you have put a traffic ticket

How to know if you have put a traffic ticket

If you drive while talking on the phone and you "Hunted" by a traffic officer, most likely it is that I sent you stop the car. The agent will notify you at that moment corresponding to the infringement (200 euros and the withdrawal of three license points) penalty.

But what about those fines you do not report in hand? It may be that the offense is captured by Pegasus, the DGT helicopter traffic controls from the air, in which case it takes the picture of the offense and vehicle data (enrollment) and notification of the fine after a while you get to your home.

So does speed radars. The method of imaging radar automated processing involves information collection, in this case, the vehicle registration offender. Once you have collected such information will be treated by the administration to determine the type of offense committed. The penalty shall be notified subsequently, without there being a defined time for this.

How you notify the fines

Notification of traffic ticket, whenever possible, It should be done at the time the violation occurs. However, when this is not possible, there are other ways to tell if you have a traffic ticket.

- A system is through the E-Mail Traffic. For that, you must be registered in this web service offered by the DGT and It consists of a system of alerts via SMS, both fines and other data such as driver's license expiration. This service lets you know the day and time notification of traffic ticket is made.

- Another way to know if you have a fine is when notification you send it to your home.

But if you think you have a traffic ticket, but has not been notified you for whatever reason, it's best Edictal access the Traffic Sanctions (TESTRA). It is a web tracking system fines not notified personally. Just as put your ID and check if there is any traffic ticket in your charge.

It may be that once the data entered does not appear any results. This does not always mean that we have no sanction. It may be that still it has not been processed the complaint or the sanctioning body is not registered in the system TESTRA.

You can also go to the Official Gazette of the province where the infringement, the City Council or the Provincial nearest occurred. Although more comfortable is to get into one of these fine finders available on the Internet: Buscamultas of DVuelta,,

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