PSA announces the actual consumption of 28 cars Peugeot, Citroën and DS

Published actual consumption of 28 models PSA GroupPublished actual consumption of 28 models PSA GroupPublished actual consumption of 28 models PSA GroupPublished actual consumption of 28 models PSA Group

In November 2015, in a media context of discrediting the automotive sector after the jump for engines souped Volkswagen, PSA Group announced its intention to publish customers consumption of its cars in actual use. Eight months later we have the results. 28 models have been chosen for analysis of the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands, based on the increased sales volume.

In the list provided by the French company is appreciated a maximum difference of up to 2.7 liters per hundred kilometers consumption routes between laboratory data and real. The biggest difference presents the 3008 Peugeot 130 1.2 PureTech Start with&Stop six-speed manual transmission and 17-inch wheels, consuming laboratory 4.9 liter to 7.6 liters hundred and under real conditions. On the opposite side is the Peugeot 208 1.6 BlueHDi 100 with five-speed manual transmission and 16-inch wheels, whose oscillation is 1.2 liters per hundred kilometers traveled. Overall, it has been found that the measurements obtained are comparable to those customers PSA (obtained in independent surveys).

The measurement performed by the PSA were determined using the protocol defined with NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) and France Nature Environnement (FNE) and audited by Bureau Veritas. Inspired by the European project RDE (Real Driving Emissions) fuel consumption is calculated through a portable equipment installed in the vehicle (PEMS). The measurements were carried out on public roads open to traffic (25 km city, 39 km road and 31 km on the highway) and in actual driving conditions (Use of air conditioning, weight of luggage and passengers, uneven terrain, etc.).

20 models later this year

Greg Archer, director of Clean Transport Vehicles & Environment, "these tests in actual use provide customers with more information representative tests in more recent laboratory so that now you can choose the most efficient models with full knowledge of their actual consumption".

Before the end of the year, the PSA Group will release the figures of other 20 models. Further, will provide a simulator that will allow customers to anticipate consumption of your vehicle depending on your driving style and use made (mix city / highway / highway vehicle load ...). Likewise, also provide an application of eco-driving which will control consumption and thereby CO2 emissions. And in 2017, the French group published emissions of nitrogen oxides under conditions of actual use of customers.

List of real consumption compared to approved

Peugeot cars: real consumption

Peugeot models

Citroen: real consumption

Citroën models

DS cars: real consumption

DS models

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