Ford Edge 2.0 TDCi 210 hp: actual consumption and first impressions

Ford Edge 2.0 TDCI 210 hp, first testFord Edge 2.0 TDCI 210 hp, first testFord Edge 2.0 TDCI 210 hp, first testFord Edge 2.0 TDCI 210 hp, first test

It is clear that SUV are and it seems to be fashionable in the coming months (and even years, we dare to predict). The protagonist this time is the Ford Edge in its top version of range, ie with Diesel Engine 2.0 TDCI with two turbos developing 210 hp power.

He Ford Edge is the new heavyweight range SUV Ford Europe. And we say heavyweight because our unit tested exceeded by 76 kg 2 tons. It is a big car, exceeding 4.8 meters in length, has automatic transmission, all-wheel drive... miracles do not exist and weight thrown on our scales, it is in line with its rivals. Regarding the operation of all-wheel drive is quite simple, rolling in most circumstances as a front-wheel drive and sending torque to the rear axle via a clutch to the input of the differential, only when required and terms of motor skills they have in those moments the rear wheels make demand more torque.

Despite having all-wheel drive, we do not consider the new Ford Edge 2.0 TDCI 210 hp as a genuine all-rounder, but as a large SUV, inter alia by low ground clearance and mounted tires that come standard in this finish Sport (255/45 R20). 170 mm. separating the central silent soil seem to have few a lot of freedom out of the asphalt. This nuance is clear, when you drive the new Ford Edge on winding roads. Share a very dynamic tuning with siblings of range, in fact, despite its size and weight, Swinging is not excessive and "live" rear axle reminds us, relatively speaking, to the Ford Focus.

Ford Edge SUVFord Edge 2.0 TDCi 210 hp at the wheel

He two-liter twin-turbo moving two tons of Edge fluently, although it is true that no overhangs the benefits obtained, or the sensation of thrust. Perhaps the reason is in the very smooth power delivery, quality shared with direct-shift gearbox Powershift, in which raw softness before the instantaneous changes of DSG of Volkswagen Group, for instance.

As for the actual consumption of the Ford Edge 2.0 TDCi 210 hp, they are shooting high for the times, but they enter normal when we present the characteristics of the vehicle. Of the two tours we did in our Technical Center, It's of city which seems more meritorious, since does not exceed 10 liters / 100 km (staying at 9.57 l / 100 km). In highway and an average of 98.82 km / h the result obtained was 7.70 l / 100 km. The two figures are far, again announced by brand 6.5 l / 100 km for urban and 5.5 for extraurbano .... Thus, the Real average consumption obtained in this first contact has been 8.63 l / 100 km.

Ford Edge 2.0 TDCI 210 hp, its dimensions TT

- Angle of attack: 20º
- Departure angle: 24º
- Breakover angle: 15 °
- Fording depth: 840 mm
- Front suspension stroke: 250 mm.
- Rear suspension stroke: 225 mm.
- ground clearance: 170 mm. (Central silent)

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