Less safe cars, according to Euro NCAP

Cars with worse scores in crash tests by Euro NCAPCars with worse scores in crash tests by Euro NCAPCars with worse scores in crash tests by Euro NCAPCars with worse scores in crash tests by Euro NCAP

The car crash tests by euro NCAP dating back to 1996. Almost 20 years later, the results of the company remain vital to determine the safety and protection level cars we see today on the roads. Evidence which, over time, become more stringent, specific and offer results in a wide range of features.

Today, Euro NCAP makes different tests in their crash tests: frontal collisions, side impact and rear collision. The results They are divided into different sections: in addition to the stars (0 to 5), it is determined one percentage and a score in adult occupant protection level, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection and assistance systems.

With data in hand Euro NCAP publicly offered in different waves of tests, we detail What are the least safe cars of this 2015 and 2014. Keep in mind one thing: the 2015 tests have changed and increased the thresholds necessary to get 3, 4 and 5 stars. You see, much commercial vehicle on the list and, above all, more negative in the section scores assistance systems.

Two stars

The only vehicle that has obtained 2 stars in Euro NCAP crash tests in the past two years has been the Lancia Ypsilon. Italian utility penalizes mainly into two categories: adult protection (44 percent) and assistance systems (38 percent). In the other two sections approves amply: child protection (79 percent) and pedestrian protection (64 percent).

Less safe cars, according to Euro NCAP

Three stars (2015)

Here we find an important list. At 2015, four vehicles have obtained a 3 star rating. One of them is the Renault Trafic, whose weakest points are adult occupant protection (52 percent), the pedestrian (53 percent) and assistance systems (57 percent). He Opel / Vauxhall Vivaro, meanwhile, it has a very similar scores to Trafic as it does not exceed 57 percent in the previous three parameters and approved with note (91 percent) in protecting child occupant, as in the Renault car.

He Fiat Panda Cross It is also on the list. If any, does not exceed 46 percent with respect to assistance systems and stays by 50 percent in pedestrian protection. As regarding protection for adults and children he has scored 70 and 77 percent, respectively. He BMW Z4 It is the fourth car of 2015 shows a 3-star Euro NCAP: German convertible pulls out a 46 percent attendance systems, 61 percent for child protection and 69 percent in adult protection.

Three Star (2014)

If we look a year 2014, we see how the list of vehicles with 3 stars is much higher. He Dacia Logan MCV has a low 38 percent attendance systems and stays by 57 and 55 percent in adult and pedestrian protection. He Suzuki Celerio, meanwhile, share note assistance systems with Dacia.

Two commercial vehicles 'brothers' of the PSA Group share Note: Peugeot Partner Y Citroen Berlingo punctuate with 48 percent support systems and 56 percent in adult occupant protection. Two other cars from the French company philosophy and sharing platform: Peugeot 301 Y Citroen C-Elysée, with an even worse 33 percent attendance systems and 54 percent in pedestrian protection.

An electric vehicle in the list: Nissan e-N200 Evalia, another negative record attendance systems (38 percent), and 60 percent in pedestrian protection. He Renault Megane hatchback Third generation takes a 48 percent attendance systems and another 60 percent in pedestrian protection. Finally, the MG 3, a vehicle that is not sold in Spain, 38 percent shares note assistance systems and 59 percent in pedestrian protection.

Less safe cars, according to Euro NCAP

Four stars

They stay close to get the highest score, but take a remarkable mark of 4 stars in Euro NCAP crash tests. At 2015 now we closed, so have rated these cars: Karl Opel, VW Caddy, Audi TT, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200, Hyundai i20, Mini Clubman, Fiat 500X and Mazda 2, CX-3 and MX-5.

Last year 2014, 4 star obtained the following vehicles: Kia Soul and Soul EV, Mini Cooper, Brothers' Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1, the other couple Fortwo-Forfour and Twingo, Opel / Vauxhall Corsa, Hyundai i10, Citroen C4 Cactus and Ford Tourneo Courier.

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