Land Rover denounces China JMC to copy the Evoke

Land Rover takes to court the Chinese JMC to copy the EvokeLand Rover takes to court the Chinese JMC to copy the EvokeLand Rover takes to court the Chinese JMC to copy the EvokeLand Rover takes to court the Chinese JMC to copy the Evoke

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it seems that Jaguar Land Rover It does not stop being very satisfied with that. Not surprisingly, the British carmaker has decided denounce Jiangling Motor Company (JMC) before a Chinese court for two reasons: violating its intellectual property rights and unfair competition. The reason? Accused of copying the design of the Range Rover Evoque.

The truth is that this practice is quite common in China. Brands such as Geely, BYD and JMC own no qualms when designs inspired by foreign manufacturers. Chinese aesthetics of these vehicles is so blatantly as seen like that, it's easy to guess what brand copied. Yes, always in matters of external design: interior and, above all, the mechanics are different.

Landwind X7

Jiangling Motor know how. At the time it was complicated differentiate the Landwind MPV Opel Frontera and in 2014, the scene with the Landwind X7 and the Range Rover Evoque was repeated. So it seemed that they had taken the SUV Range Rover and simply had changed the emblem. A couple of years later, the British brand has decided to take action on the matter taking the cate before a court in Beijing. A move that few manufacturers perform and You could set a precedent If Land Rover wins the legal battle JMC encouraging the other companies to take legal action.

10,000 orders in two weeks

It amazes action because it is normal that such complaints do not come to fruition. The reason is simple; in China there is a huge loophole and the laws governing the Asian market are quite soft on issues of competition between brands. Given this, the chances of winning a lawsuit are slim and therefore generally global manufacturers do not usually take action. It's more, the complaint can even turn against if the Chinese public believes that a foreign company is intimidating domestic competitors.

Landwind X7

Anyway, Lange Rover has decided to stand up to Landwind. Eight months after the British vehicle disembarked on the eastern market, the Chinese brand unveiled the new version of its SUV X7 in November 2014 and two weeks after its release received more than 10,000 orders; JMC also estimated in 2016 to sell between 80,000 and 100,000 units of this model only. With both models in sight, the only real difference is the price. The Evoque costs more than double the X7: 400,000 yuan (53,600 euros).

Twelve years to win a case in China

Criticism for its blatant resemblance soon arrived. Both SUV have a very similar manner: both the roof and the windows are tapered from the front towards the rear and the lines of the lateral body they are virtually identical. In addition, the front grille X7 is slightly more rounded than the Evoque. As if this were not enough, kits exist that eliminate the slight differences between the two cars allowing, for example, put the emblem of Land Rover in the X7 for 17 euros.

You can not overlook that disputes between Land Rover and JMC have ten years of history. It was in 2006 when the British manufacturer to its Chinese competitor faced in court for precisely the Landwind brand considered very similar to Land Rover. At that time, the victory went to Jiangling Motor ended registering the name for Europe. Ahead is a long and tiring process, but there is room for hope. Honda took twelve years to win a case in China a local car maker little known that copied the CS-V.

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