30 home remedies for car

30 home remedies for car

frozen lock
Low temperatures sometimes we can play tricks, freezing lock our car and preventing us get the key. Fortunately, most vehicles are equipped with a remote control to mitigate these and other discomforts derived from the traditional bowler hat, but still remain in our careers older models. To solve this problem, heated with a lighter key and insert it into the lock slowlyThus you descongelándola go slowly and get to be able to open it.

Change the wheel without cat
The first thing you have to do is loosen the screws enough to escape the wheel but can not remove it without effort. After You should seek a ditch and then raising the car until the flat tire stays in the air. Very carefully, and once you are sure that the vehicle is not going to move, finish unscrewing the screws and replace the wheel.

Reach your destination with a flat tire
If you click and do not carry spare wheel or reparapinchazos kit, you can try an emergency solution to reach the nearest workshop without busting the cover. Eleva the car with the jack and carefully examines the punctured tire to locate the source of the leak. If this is caused by a cut, you have no choice but to call a tow truck, but if the source is a puncture, pierces a screw hole large enough to prevent further out air and inflates the tire. Remember it is a very temporary solution, so do not delay your visit to the workshop.

Remove the wheel bolts
As the screws are not clenching and unclenching every day, when an emergency arrives and we have to take away, the task can become a horror. To get them out with less effort, especially if they are rusty, pour over them some cola and wait a few minutes to take effect: easily come out.

Circular with broken glass
A unpleasantly surprised to find that you have stolen the car, we usually accompanies broken glass window. In order to move to the nearest glassware, just look for a transparent piece of plastic large enough to cover the hole. Before placing it, cut it to size, removed the remains of crystals and paste thoroughly into the window frame with tape.

Securing a plate glass if the window is broken
Be the window crank or electric, you can stay with a window halfway up or down if it breaks. To tide, get a flathead screwdriver and raises the glass with hands. When you're up, place the screwdriver between the glass and the inner lining of the door by wedging: In this way, you will prevent it from falling. Yes, frequently revises Chapucilla because the vibrations that occur when driving, the glass can go sliding down.

Remove the ice crystal
If temperatures have frozen the windshield and do not have a hand scraper, uses a CD case which do not have in high esteem, for good measure to remove ice: it is not as effective but covers very well the record.

Remove the stickers
To make history adhesives that once you placed on the body or crystals car, uses a heat source. The best is a hairdryer, I applied carefully will help soften the glue. To remove any traces of glue, used a cloth soaked in vinegar; if the sticker was on a glass, help yourself to a scraper.

Prevent robbed the hubcap
Make this more difficult for pickpockets hubcaps holding plate to the rim with a flange. Choose a wide, ténsala as possible. Just remember to bring a good short cables in case of puncture, to remove the flanges to access the screws of the tire.

Stop the advance of a crack in the windshield
Until you replace the moon, you can use the same trick used to stop a career average. Take a boat nail polish and applying several layers on both sides of the crack.

Avoid dizziness children in the car
Auque we have not tried, we echo this trick, many parents say they have implemented to end childhood dizziness: is place a piece of tape or a bandage on the navel of small. Some forums go beyond adding an aspirin between the navel and the shivers. Yourself...

Rear emergency
It often happens that the simplest things are the ones that solve life and do not realize the importance of something until you lose it. All this is beside the point in speaking of mirrors, these elements give us as much information to motorists. When you break one, and while waiting for the long-awaited replacement in the workshop that sometimes takes weeks to arrive, you can fabricarte one for muddle and safer driving. For that, buy yourself a small bathroom mirror and stick it to the remainder of the mirror live tape. The vision that you get is not very orthodox but more than enough to circulate.

Avoid heavy objects will loose boot
How to "tie" is hit them a generous piece of adhesive velcro mercerías-'m sold at the surface in contact with the luggage compartment as this is usually made with a tapestry "hairy" will stick great.

Place the load on the roof rack
In order to optimize the load capacity of the roof rack and offer the least wind resistance, Place your luggage wrapped in cloth. Spread it and put up the larger lumps and then smaller. Now only folding the fabric on the resulting package and secured well with octopus or straps.

Wasps scare
Out the car windows open during the summer may end with the visit of a winged stowaway and a peck as a gift. To avoid this, washing the windows and windscreen with a cloth soaked in water and abundant bleachThe smell discourage insects.