The big business of car parts

The big business of car parts

The economic crisis not only affected the real estate sector. Another extremely important to the economic health of the country's industry was also falling apart because of the crisis: the automobile. Despite the slump in sales (In 2007 more than 1.6 million cars were registered and in 2012 the figure dropped to just under 0.7 million units) the vehicle was still essential.

Spanish families saw their incomes every time they were lower and buy a car stopped being an option for most. Accustomed to change cars at the minimum that the old suffered a breakdown, They discovered they could save by buying car parts. So, the sector of the sale of spare parts was strengthened, although rebound, with the advent of the crisis.

Most of the pieces that make up the vehicles just become worn with use. As usual, when a car breaks down, simply replace any parts. The rest of the vehicle remains in perfect condition. Bearings, the stabilizer bar, suspension arms or the brake discs, are some of the most frequent breakdowns. The price of repair or the parts of these pieces between 50 and 250 euros.

But there are other faults that can be much more expensive as example the chain scission / timing belt (can reach about 2,000 euros) or turbocharger (only the part costs about 1200 euro). Faults in the electronic control unit can be repaired, but if you were to change the piece cost about 900 euros.

Spare parts sector grows

According to a report by DBK, the sector of auto parts suffered a slight setback in 2012, coinciding with the launch of PIVE Plan (the grant for the purchase of cars delivering one of more than 10 years old). In 2015, however, the aftermarket experienced a recovery and stood at 8,550 million euros. This cake is shared unofficial workshops, which account for 73% of the market and official workshops brand, with the remaining 26.3%.

Although the crisis is beginning to be left behind, the upward trend in retail shops free replacement confirmed Spaniards have learned to look for car parts on their own in order to save and extend the life of their vehicles.

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