Renault-Nissan is the new world No. 1 to overtake VW

Renault-Nissan is the new world No. 1 to overtake VW

After months of continuous growth, expectations have been met after Mitsubishi became part of Renault-Nissan network. The group made up of French and Japanese has managed to win the honor of being the automotive conglomerate that sells more cars in the world.

In a tight classification, Renault-Nissan He has managed to place on top of the podium with 5.27 million cars sold in the first half of the year. Are followed closely the Volkswagen Group, with 112,000 fewer vehicles sold. A step back, not Toyota pick their 5.13 million cars sold worldwide.

To grab the top spot, it has been a key acquisition by Nissan 34 percent Mitsubishi, what has been a growth of 7 percent of total sales of Renault-Nissan. Both this group and Volkswagen expect prowling the 10.3 million units sold by year's end. Toyota, by contrast, aims to maintain sales in 2016 (10.17 million), because they do not trust big growth.

Since Renault have stressed that this rise has occurred have been key the Chinese and Iranian markets, and noted that after recent adjustments, the group obtained net profit exceeding 58 percent when we compared to the same period last year.

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