Volkswagen, sentenced in the United States by the Dieselgate

Volkswagen, sentenced in the United States by the Dieselgate

He Volkswagen group He has been convicted United States to three years of supervision by a separate monitor, like the pay a criminal fine of 2.800 million for handling the case of diesel engines, known as Dieselgate. During the hearing, the judge of the Federal Court in Detroit, said that this case "is very serious and disturbing, involving an iconic car company." He added that "this is a If massive and deliberate fraud". In addition to this fine, Volkswagen will face the payment of 1,500 million dollars the import and sale in the United States of souped-up vehicles and customs fraud.

The agreement between Volkswagen and the United States Department of Justice, now ratified by the judge, considers the organizational supervision of the company for a period of three years, a measure that allows Volkswagen be monitored and analyzed by an independent monitor. Indeed, at the hearing it has confirmed the intention of the US government to appoint former Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson Country, as an independent supervisor.

According to Volkswagen, they will try to cooperate to the fullest with Thompson, whom they have welcomed. Also, they ensure "have taken steps to strengthen our accounting, to improve transparency and to build a better company." Thompson will have a dual responsibility. First, the evaluation, supervision and monitoring compliance with agreements signed in that period. And second, certifying that the program is implemented by Volkswagen able to detect similar cases to software and to prevent it from happening again.

Dieselgate: history in the United States

In March this year, Volkswagen declared guilty to three felony charges, such as fraud, obstruction of justice and falsifying documents, after admit to illegal software installed in about 580,000 vehicles in the US. Also it reached an agreement with ten US states regarding claims for Dieselgate case, which would have to pay 157.4 million dollars (148.4 million euros) in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, new York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Also in March he received the approval by the Environmental Protection Agency the country to sell 67,000 diesel vehicles mounted software altering emissions and have been repaired. In total, the Volkswagen Group has agreed to pay around 25,000 million in United States with the aim of ending complaints from vehicle owners, environmental regulators, state and dealers and to bid repurchase cars offered.

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