Volkswagen scandal: what happened a year later?

Volkswagen scandal emissions, how is the situation?Volkswagen scandal emissions, how is the situation?Volkswagen scandal emissions, how is the situation?Volkswagen scandal emissions, how is the situation?

700,000 cars were or are affected in our country for irregularities in its management system NOx gases (nitrogen oxides). As we reported Volkswagen Group sources, some of them, those who rode the EA 189 engine 2.0 TDI are being repaired since February 2016. The next step happens to resolve the problems in the EA189 1.2 TDi engines and KBA, the German agency that is driving the "approval" of the solutions so that never again be any problem, given green light in mid-August to modifying software specific to these Diesel engines comply with the law on emissions. Now the work begins by the marks concerned to identify all affected units and the DGT contact with customers via mail. Before the end of September or early October will not reach the first letters to customers Seat Ibiza Y Volkswagen Polo.

The solution is longer and more complex in the case of the 1.6 TDI engine 189 EA. KBA has not yet certified the nod to the solution proposed by Volkswagen and passing through retouching software but also incorporating a stabilizer intake flow that reduces turbulence adding fuel to generate correct NOx emissions. In Volkswagen expected to have a certified solution and tested by KBA for this engine 1.6 TDI 189 EA before end of year. This intervention would entail a workshop entry an hour for the total solution of the problem at no cost to the user.

Volkswagen scandal, what happened a year laterVolkswagen scandal: what cars have already been repaired?

Since February 2016, fifteen models of the Volkswagen Group have received the software update required to meet the official figures approved in a legal way for the engine EA189 2.0 TDi. The Audi A3, A4, A5, Q5 and A6, the Volkswagen Amarok, Passat, CC, Tiguan, Golf, Jetta, Scirocco, Touran and Caddy, Skoda Superb and Octavia and Seat Exeo, Leon, Altea and Ibiza who stood at the time the affected engine, they were contacted via DGT to propose a step by the workshop and leaving the problem solved in half an hour without cost to the user.

Volkswagen scandal: Müller and other executivesVolkswagen scandal: how is the legal issue in our country?

The case opened by the Audiencia Nacional against the group's parent, Volkswagen AG, as a manufacturer of engines, is ongoing whereas if there has been three court rulings -Torrelavega, Zaragoza and Valencia giving reason the Volkswagen Group against private customers They are claiming damages. The US case differs from Spanish by different legislation since US NOx limits are far stricter than in Europe -30 mg / km compared to 180 mg / km we have in our continent and "European" solutions do not serve to achieve these limits, which leads to more studies, more time to find the right path and higher cost of repairs. In addition, a Mechanical Diesel is still little presence in the United States, they will be penalized in its residual value something that has not happened in Europe, which has led Volkswagen to offer users the repurchase of its cars in the US market, and has even received some judicial blessing, so half of US customers with a diesel engine irregular in this country have chosen to benefit from this buyback.

In any case, as we continue to show sources of Volkswagen Group, KBA authorization to implement a modification So far only retouching software- occurs after it ascertains that approval are met targets on emissions and are not affected items such as consumption or power available.

Repairs in Europe: Latest news

A date of September 7, the cars affected in Europe already have a repair solution by 50 percent.