Jeremy Clarkson: “Who would want a car made by Spanish?”

Jeremy Clarkson:

The controversial 'showman' Jeremy Clarkson, well known for starring in the BBC program 'Top Gear', Which he was dismissed by an attitude, at least, little has become an exemplary a liar.

-For the last maneuver Clarkson continue talking about him in the media- has been lunge Seat after having had the opportunity to test the Lion X-perience, a version of 'off-road' compact with familiar body. The car is not too good in his criticism in the British newspaper 'The Sunday Times'. We would have loved to know the reasons 'professional' why does not like the Lion, but what we found are so little fortunate phrases like "Who would want a car made by Spanish?"Or"Spaniards are a bunch of people who a week ago were shooting each other and stabbing cows".

Education and good manners are conspicuous by their absence. Known are his descriptions of some Japanese cars, which is referred to as'tumors face'Not to mention the racist references He has done several times since his account of the social network Twitter.

If you want media coverage, you are doing great.

In Spain already it has a cross for many. For our part, Mr. Jeremy Clarkson can stay where it is: drowned in his own ego.

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