Takahiro Hachigo, new president of Honda

Takahiro Hachigo, new president of Honda

The resignation is motivated by a year Fit hybrid model has experienced several problems. Added to this are numerous calls to replace the Takata airbags, they have been able to be related to the death of six people.

"I think this measure is an attempt by Honda to reach new horizons, someone who defends harmony 'said Takaki Nakanishi, CEO of Nakanishi Research Institute and veteran auto analyst.

Hachigo has stated that the resignation was a decision itself, and, 'as many in Honda', he believed Ito 'was ready to continue as CEO at least for another term. "

The next CEO of the company worked on the Odyssey minivan and CR-V crossover, from which sprang to his current position as CEO after an annual shareholders meeting in late June Honda. He has been in the company since 1982 and is currently vice president of R & D branch of Honda in China.

Meanwhile, Ito took over as CEO of Honda in 2009, coinciding with the start of the crisis for the automotive industry. During the following years I had to deal with hard blows in sales, production and profits. From his resignation will become an advisor to the company.