Best Car Deals September 2016

Car Deals: September 2016Car Deals: September 2016Car Deals: September 2016Car Deals: September 2016

Alfa Romeo

The last units of Alfa Romeo Mito (Series 2) following the sale by 9,890 euros (Tuition fees not included in the price). This promotion is for version 1.4 petrol engine 70 CV and the guarantee is extended to 4 years. This price already discounts applied dealer and the manufacturer, Plan PIVE 8 and benefits for eligible for funding through the brand.


Opel Karl

Opel models with the best access price remain the same as last month, although the price is higher, with the Opel Corsa by 9,100 euros, he Opel Karl by 10,100 euros and Adam Opel for 12,000 euros. PIVE 8 plan and conditions of the manufacturer included.


Fiat has large discounts on many of its models. The most interesting are those of the Fiat Panda 4x4 (0.9 petrol engine 85 hp), those of Fiat Punto (1.2 petrol engine 69 hp) and the Fiat 500L (1.4 petrol engine 95 hp). The first you receive a maximum discount of 6,764 euros, while the Punto and 500L can obtain a reduction of 6,410 and 6,060 euros respectively. PIVE 8 Plan and all promotions and financings applied.


Range Seat ofertes again durantes September models like the Seat Ibiza (9,900 euros) with petrol engine 1.0 MPI 75 hp, Seat Toledo (12,400 euros), mounting the 1.2 TSI engine and 90 hp Seat Leon, you can also purchase price for content 13,900 euros -associated with the same mechanics of Toledo, but its power level of 110 hp. Indispensable conditions eligible for funding dial and deliver a car more than seven years to qualify for the PIVE plan.


In September, Ford has decided to launch its promotion 'Platoon salt'. In it, we find the Ford Fiesta Y Ford Focus at a significant discount. The first of these is available with the 1.0 petrol engine 100 hp Ecoboost by 12,685 euros in its finish ST-Line. The Ford Focus we have in the same conditions as above, except that its price is 16,724 euros and the power level of the engine is 125 hp. To qualify for these promotions have to accept the financing conditions of the brand.


Nissan Juke

The best deal of the month is the Nissan Juke with Visia finish, which is available for 12,900 euros if we stay with version 1.6i petrol engine of 94 hp. The price mentioned already added discounts PIVE Plan 8 and financing conditions necessary to qualify for this promotion.


Mazda you can purchase its models at prices with some discounts applied or opt for plans 'FlexiOpción' which allow you to pay small monthly installments for which you have benefits like free maintenance or possible model change after meeting certain requirements. Some of the better prices offered are the Mazda2 with gasoline engine SKYACTIV-G 90 hp and Style + finishing exiting 13,170 euros. For the Mazda3, the price rises to 17,625 euros, adding the 'Comfort' pack and the engine is 100 hp. All prices include the maximum possible discounts.


At Toyota, this month you can buy a Toyota Yaris for less than 10,000 euros. It is available with the 1.0 petrol engine 70 CV by 9,400 euros with 3-door body and 'Pack City'. You also have the option of paying in installments of 120 euros per month, plus entry and the final installment.


Peugeot 2008

The French brand, meanwhile, launches the options'Peugeot Easy Renting' Y 'Peugeot Easy Credit'Systems similar funding to those found in businesses and why individuals can enjoy one of their models for a fixed monthly price, building maintenance expenses and taxes, among others, included in the fee to later decide whether you want to pay off the car or make a change for another model. For example, you can purchase a Peugeot 2008 1.2 PureTech 110 hp 226 euros per month for a period to choose between 2, 3 and 4 years.


Sling keeps on offering its Honda HR-V 1.5 I-VTEC Comfort 130 hp, one although the price has been rising slightly since last month and now is 20,800 euros (Discount of 1,100 euros compared to the recommended price). the PIVE Plan, discounts and financing of the brand are included.

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