El Corte Ingles and Many Cars seeking partner to sell more cars

El Corte Ingles and Many Cars seeking partner to sell more cars

In addition, the company intends to invest in advertising about 300 million pesetas.

After a year working with El Corte Ingles, Many Cars will end 2001 with sales of 1,300 vehicles, well below the 2,500 planned. Of course this forecast was for a network of 16 centers, which finally has been in 10, which will add another 2 before year-end. In 2002, with the expected economic boost, opening centers will accelerate.

According to company sources, the delay in the expansion of its outlets, in part due to the legal uncertainty experienced by the automotive sector. In 2002 the current sales system, based on the existence of exclusive dealer networks, and direct selling will be allowed through multibrand stores and shopping centers, as well as other channels such as the Internet, it is repealed etc. So far, initiatives such as Many Cars System only serve as intemediación between the buyer and the classic dealer. Much of their business is selling ancillary services such as insurance, repairs, etc.

Many forecasts Cars pass to become the Spanish company selling most important cars. Hope, to 2003, its sales exceed 30,000 cars. An average dealership sells about 1,000 vehicles a year.

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