Which stands for Lexus models mean

Stands for LexusStands for LexusStands for LexusStands for Lexus

We begin with the step access to the brand, compact CT 200h. Its name refers to Creative Touring. Creative because employs a hybrid engine -hence the "h" final- a segment dominated by Diesel; while Touring concerns that it has sufficient capacity to accommodate passengers and luggage without being harmed by the space occupied by the battery.

The next step in the range is the IS: Intelligent Sports. It is a sedan competes directly with the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4, models are characterized by a true sporting spirit (Sports) and being focused on a young and dynamic audience. Intelligent, because it encompasses much of the Lexus technology in a format more content and a very efficient hybrid engine.

With the Lexus GS as we approach the real treat, though not the top end. Their abbreviations mean Grand Sedan, and refer to it is a model Traditional body of three volumes, located in the middle of the range, between the IS and the LS.

Lexus LS

The latter, true flagship Lexus, forward with those two acronyms which is oriented towards: Luxury Sedan. The most equipped version is the LS 600h L, L whose end refers to the long wheelbase body. 445 hp hybrid, all-wheel drive and an impressive technological level, in which rear seats are not lacking massage or four climate zones capable of monitoring the body temperature of passengers. a benchmark.

The coupe version of the IS takes its name RC: Racing Coupé. his greater sportiness and 477 CV power that will have the most radical variant, RC F, Racing inspired the name. Stands F, by the way, It is reserved for those more extreme variants, RS rivals Audi, BMW M, Mercedes AMG and Jaguar R. F Sport, Instead, it is a sporty finish, but does not affect the engine.

Comes the turn of the RX SUV and NX, whose X means Crossovers. In the case of RX, R has the Radiant, referring to the radiant future augured Japanese brand and this model at launch. The more compact NX, meanwhile, it has the English word Nimble (Agile) in its name, given their smaller dimensions and more dynamic skills.