Donald Trump “loses” the Beast, the presidential car

Donald Trump parked The BeastDonald Trump parked The BeastDonald Trump parked The BeastDonald Trump parked The Beast

Taormina is a small Italian town where for the next few days will celebrate the world's G7 summit, a meeting involving the seven most industrialized countries in the world. As well, Donald Trump, he President of the United States, you can not use your official car (the Beast) due to the huge size of the "creature".

And is that the nickname La Bestia It will come in handy to Donald Trump official car. Its dimensions are mastodónticas for the narrow streets of the Sicilian city of Toarmina. The official vehicle, with more than 5.50 meters can not move length- as well as his long motorcade car safety. In fact, according to the online edition of El Mundo, the huge size of the Beast and all motorcade who accompany him have been a serious problem for the organization of the event. Finally, the US secret services have agreed to Trump and his entourage use other means of transport other than the Beast.

More than 10,000 police, soldiers and forces of Italian and international security monitor these days every centimeter, every meter of the narrow streets of Taormina. The security of top leaders of the planet is at stake.

Donald Trump loses the BeastCadillac One The Beast: Trump's car

Before Donald Trump traveling in The beast, Barack Obama also he used it in the last years of his presidential stage.

The Beast It is much more than a car, is a advanced "car combat" under a great costume limousine. It is part of a development Cadillac luxury sedan and an SUV large GMC, other brands belonging to General Motors. The body has a special shielding Bulletproof and many of the pumps and short-range missiles, with a special alloy construction steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramics. The crystals are special and have a thickness of 12 centimeters.

To push, The beast uses a Diesel large displacement engine, namely a Duramax already they assembled many large SUVs and pick-up Chevrolet and GMC. Its performance is not to throw rockets -the exaggerated weight is a big lastre-, with a top speed of 100 km / h and an average fuel consumption estimated at 30 l / 100 km. Regarding tires, mounted special RunFlat, that they allow you to roll about 100 kilometers even if they are punctured.

He Trump car also it includes machine guns and rockets that make The Beast in authentic war machine. Such is their level of security that some people say that this vehicle is able to withstand a hypothetical chemical attack, so that in the event that happens, the doors and the windows would be completely sealed and an intelligent system would recycle the oxygen inside.

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