The ideal candidate for prime minister car

Cars for candidates to the Government of SpainCars for candidates to the Government of SpainCars for candidates to the Government of SpainCars for candidates to the Government of Spain

Mariano Rajoy (PP)

Mariano Rajoy (PP): Audi A4

If the current Prime Minister and candidate for the Popular party, Mariano Rajoy, had asked a car in the letter to the Magi we believe it would be a premium sedan. A car which can travel comfortable with chauffeur, its institutional and government actions. If again win the election and become president, for the move from Moncloa, an Audi A6 could be perfect for Mariano; If you lose, perhaps the new Audi A4 is sufficient to move away from its policy and Galicia holiday retreat.

Pedro Sánchez (PSOE)

Pedro Sánchez (PSOE): Ford Mondeo Vignale

With the elegant demeanor of the candidate boasting PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, Ford Mondeo Vignale could RIEF ring finger. A car also manufactured in Spain and represents the maximum elegance and exclusivity within the range Ford Mondeo. But since Pedro Sánchez owns a Peugeot, perhaps a new Peugeot 508 will demonstrates possible trips to the Moncloa. But always a large car to get your whole family, and White color, of course, as their shirts.

Albert Rivera (Citizens)

Albert Rivera (Citizens): Seat Ibiza

There would be various reasons for the candidate citizens the Prime Minister, Albert Rivera, chose a car range Seat. For example, Catalan is the only candidate, and since the brand has its logistics center in Martorell (Barcelona), we give Rivera is now the flag Seat Ibiza car. In addition, one of his favorite music groups is Bast, it is precisely Martorell neighbors. If the Seat Ibiza is too small, Albert Rivera could opt for a Seat León Connect, version with more connectivity options for the candidate Citizens can connect your phone to the car.

Pablo Iglesias (We can)

Pablo Iglesias (We can): Citroën C4 Cactus

Pablo Iglesias It is, along with Rivera, who promise a 'new politics'. Candidate We can He has criticized the use of official cars by politicians, what he sees as a waste in modern times. So for your car journeys are as efficient as possible, we assign to Pablo Iglesias a Citroen C4 Cactus. French SUV, manufactured in Spain, is also one of those cars that represent the free spirit on four wheels, which also hits it Iglesias. If he wanted to be as efficient as possible, you can always resort to a hundred percent electric car, such as a Nissan Leaf.

Alberto Garzón (Izquierda Unida-Popular Unity)

Alberto Garzón (Popular Union): electric bicycle

The representative of Popular Unity-Izquierda Unida 20D for the elections, Alberto Garzón, It is not very fond of official cars. Therefore, the most logical thing for him would give him an electric bicycle, a conveyance hundred percent clean with that also do sports.

Did you know…?

Last Monday, December 7, the four main political parties that will strip for being the winners of the general elections participated in a debate four. Their representatives attended the studios of Antena 3, venue of the debate, the following cars: Soraya Saenz de Santamaria (PP), in a Renault Laguna; Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), in a Toyota Prius; Albert Rivera (Citizens) in a Mercedes van; Pablo Iglesias (We can) in a Citroen C4.

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