We manufacture a car: this is done, step by step

We manufacture a car: this is done, step by step

1. The suppliers deliver the aluminum or steel parts from the pig iron or partially machined factory engine. Storage will be brief, because no added value and has its cost immediately pass production lines. Coordination with suppliers, and during the rest of the process, saving unnecessary expenses.

2. Start work give the pieces (Crankcase, cylinder head, camshaft, crankshaft or connecting rods) the geometric characteristics in automated lines, either with specialized machines in a task and higher production, transfer, or flexible ... A single employee, highly qualified, work on each production line. All manufacturers work themselves prismatic component parts of the engine.

3. The parts, after the initial grinding process which reaches 90 percent lower weight will be removed from them, start to emerge for end geometric qualities. Are the finishing and superfinishing contact areas, which are burnished, rectified ... Thanks to the flexibility of the new machines may, for example, in the factory of Renault engines of the same work Valladolid on castings, as the K9 crankcase; or aluminum using gasoline engines. At the end of this process, it is checked, one by one, each piece, both manually collaborative as robots.

We manufacture a car4.- Engine parts made are sent to the factory where they will be assembled and which converge with arriving from external suppliers, as pistons, feeding systems, turbochargers, oil pumps, etc.

5. It starts the engine assembly, piece by piece. For the Factory Engine Renault Valladolid, two parallel lines concerned with K9, commercially known as dCi and will shortly begin to be manufactured in its eighth generation; other handles mounted, indifferently, the H4Bt and H5Ft respectively, three or four cylinder gasoline.

6. During the production process, the motors are controlled at different times, to ensure compliance. Tactile robots, for example, are able to distinguish each other versions that share production line. But they will be replaced by others with cameras, vision control. These verify that assembly processes are suitable and take snapshots of DataMatrix (Like a QR code) contained in each piece. Thus it would be possible to know precisely which particular part is integrated into the engine factory output. The information is stored in a memory (chip) that accompanies each motor.

online assessment of your used car7.- Each engine is checked to check in standing (slang factory, cold), which is able to use. Also checks that no water leakage, oil, etc. randomly, some of them are sent to the testbeds (Renault has six Valladolid), which are installed on chassis and tested for several hours to ensure that give the expected power. Once this is done, they are removed and analyzed piece by piece that will never again mounted. Other tested, and pulled at the end of the production line: These banks end chain, the last quality assurance, enter all new series engines or going to far off destinations.

8.- engines are shipped to factories Body-mounting. Simultaneously, some of the parts are machined and not used in the assembly of engines, are sent to other factories engine assembly. There, motors and gearboxes (in the case of Renault Valladolid, proceeding from factories Mechanics Cacia (Portugal) and Seville be assembled to form the vehicle.

9. Parallel to the production of engines starts production of parts that form the body. In presses Cupping department, a pure noise coming out sheath Captur, who would have thought, kilometric steel coils. Robots cut parts and are stacked awaiting mold.

10.- arrive sheet metal parts to the press, one machine in which the steel is cast as easily with a fork it is outlined with mash. Here the larger pieces that will join smaller and form the skeleton of the car will be made.

11. Begin joining this three-dimensional puzzle, First, with the construction of the basic structure: the box. She will be added moving parts, hood, doors, tailgate and, of course, the fins. Captur are in plastic, so that previously have been thermoformed, like bumpers, protection ... are the welding robots responsible for this assembly of steel at a dance in which there is no movement without reason. That while the sheet metal parts with the ease with which a sheet of paper is handled move.

12. After the union body, geometers involved to ensure that everything is where it should, that the clearances of the box correspond to the provisions: accordingly.

13. The body is degreased, washed and applies a rustproofing reverse to sink the body in a bath electrolysis: a barrier zinc will protect the steel from corrosion. the mastic, an elastomer ensure the assembly between the sheet metal parts and prevent, including water applied strain. Also sound-absorbing.

So a car is manufactured14. The body passes through Cuba and cataphoresis It is painted. It is also varnished and after these applications, the wax that, as in previous steps, one step requires the furnace to be stabilized comes.

15.- doors, disassembled: have a parallel process and independent for engines, trim, glass .... They did not meet with the rest of the body to final assembly.

16.- body enters the production line. You will receive items inside. Among the former, the dashboard. Belts, weatherstrip, wiring, electrical components, trim, etc. follow. Maximum, step for each position is one minute; Night shift, with fewer operators two. In the daytime, there are 225 workers in the chain.

17. This, still, car project moves on the line in two ways: either sledge that can be raised or lowered, as appropriate; or hung from a balancela. The assembly operation is to continue defining the means of transport. From here it is when workers swarming around him.

18.- smaller pieces reach the assembly line in boxes from the area of ​​kitting or enciclado: Those boxes, trasladas mostly by tractorcillos or sleds that move often autonomously through the streets, take the necessary and only that material, the following stations through which you pass the car. Kitting in these areas, operators respond to indications of lights to place each piece in the box. Car compose some 1,800 pieces.

So a car is manufactured19.- systems a bad reminder device make it impossible to mount: Reach all the tightenings security, for example. For them, each screwed provides torque, tolerance and works in the angle should not in another. But also chekman, each section -there ten- they are dealing with supervision and even to the extent necessary to transport as what might be needed. He primary objective is that the error, if any, is corrected in the same position, no later. "Do not accept defects, does not cause defects not tolerate defects" is the mantra to recite more than one occasion since our guides to the director of the factory. And that even banners hanging from the production line under the title, "Customer Satisfaction Plan." This represents a virtuous circle ranging from communication and exploration by the client model, which should culminate with its purchasers, manufacture, through durability, reliability, responsiveness, and customer service quality, fitness for return expectations to start. Everything always with the 3Rs present: rigor, accountability and responsiveness.

20.- With the already advanced passenger compartment occurs joining the bottom, the floor has been assembled in another production line and comprising engine, gearbox, shafts, all the suspension elements, braking, steering ... meeting, followed by a first phase of connection between the two large pieces occurs: the acostaje performed by a large robot that defines the fasteners and screw the two parts. 87 are hitches.

21.- seats, as many elements manufactured by suppliers over a few kilometers from the factory -many of Renault Valladolid are in Mojados-, are located inside the car, while the mirrors, crystals ... are coming to their intended location. Not only the order, but there is not a screw on the ground continues to draw attention.

22.- Batteries and wheels appear in this final phase: the Captur approaches the end zone in which liquids are also filled, reglan headlights ensures that the parallelism wheels. The car takes its first steps on wheels that lead to an electrical test, followed by another in underwater and a review of possible defects in a light tunnel.

23. At this point, 2 percent of Captur will pass through the area retouch: 98 percent will be spent thousands of controls throughout the day that are made to ensure quality and ready to be driven.

24.- All units roll few meters, some even do so with greater intensity on a circuit adjacent to the plant; but one and the other will end up parked waiting for transportation that will take them to the dealer who ordered them, in some cases, just eight days before: the train and the truck will be moved there, where customers are waiting. The aim is that not manufactured more than what is previously sold.