Hyundai Kona and other unfortunate car names

10 cars with very unfortunate name10 cars with very unfortunate name10 cars with very unfortunate name10 cars with very unfortunate name

If you're not from Galicia or you are not familiar with the Galician, perhaps the name of the new SUV Hyundai, the Kona, has gone unnoticed for you. And if you are, sure you will come giggle when reading the name. We explain below, and Car recall other names that may lead to misinterpretation. Listen up another curious case for the Galician!

Hyundai Kona

Surely not know that "Kona"But with" c "instead of" k "and female, in Gallego it refers to female genital organ.

Nissan Pixo

This small city car, Pixo, Known in other markets as well as Suzuki Alto or celerio refers precisely in Galician, contrary to the previous Hyundai: the male genital organ! Maybe what you pronounced as / píkso /, but if a Galician reads as it will with the "x" sounding as it should (such as Sanxenxo).

Mitsubishi Pajero

If the above two cars were linked by the Galician popular dictionary, sure with the next two you find a somewhat special relationship. Japanese SUV Mitsubishi Pajero has a name that no man would like to have as a nickname, right? Fortunately in Spain, its name was changed Montero.

Ford Corrida

Ford Corrida

Still, this car never made it to production, Run he stayed in prototype exhibited by Ford in 1976. But the truth if juntásemos these first four cars, it could well leave some "erotic" content, right?

Mazda Laputa

Good thing this vehicle He was never sold in Spain (Yes in the United States) but an association would protest. Another small Japanese vehicle, a "mini SUV"Launched by Mazda in 1999, with an unfortunate name for our extensive vocabulary: Laputa.

Lancia Marica

Italian car Lancia Marica was a sports 60 today could well be extremely offensive to many people. Fortunately it's gone.

Nissan Moco

It is not an offensive name, but again Nissan he missed with this name if we look with our eyes. Nor is the Mucus It was sold in Spain, but it is clear that this small minivan would have had a somewhat peculiar here media coverage, do not you think?

Kia Borrego

Kia Borrego

Nobody dares to call the same as the US-South Korean SUV market, Lamb, it runs the risk that it might offend. It would not hurt to give them a Spanish dictionary our Asian friends ...

Audi Q3

This car sold in Spain itself (and also manufactured in Martorell) and is well known. Nor is exceedingly unfortunate, but it is clear that if you read the name of German SUV in Castilian you get the word "tatty". The rest of the world with English will have no problem, of course.

Toyota MR2

Finally, the problem of this car is moved to the neighboring country, France. Japanese sporty, mid-engine and rear-wheel drive, has a problem in French read something like "merde". You can imagine what it means ... This forced Toyota to change its name in the Gallic country to MR, period.

Toyota MR2

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