Enduro Rain Shield Repellent, for the worst conditions

Enduro Rain Shield Repellent, for the worst conditions

On many occasions, when it pours, the maximum speed of the wipers does not seem enough to drain all the water that is deposited on the glass. Then, it creates a water curtain which hampers visibility. to avoid to a large extent They have conceived throughout the history of various automobile products with the purpose of repel water to evacuate more Crystals quickly and always have a clearer vision.

To date we tested several products, some of them excellent short-term results, but with a lifetime a very small maximum performance. These, usually with silicone bases, adhere well to glass, but rubbing the wiper during the rainy season or successive washes the car, its benefits do not last more than a month.

Therefore, we plan to make a long-term test repellent Enduro Shield in the Peugeot 308 1.6 130 hp Pure Tech with which we conduct a long-term test and in which we recorded and 120,000 km. Australian manufacturer Enduro Shield guarantees the duration your product one year or 20,000 km. Now, after 75,000 km recorded and after a year, we can conclude that the repellent still it offers excellent performance, thus meets the manufacturer's warranty fairly slack. Not surprisingly, the product was originally developed for structural market -very appreciated in the windows of skyscrapers, as well as allowing better water slip keeps them clean for a period of time eldest.

Rain repellent for carEnduro Shield, main features in the car

He Enduro Shield It is marketed in wipes independent for use in workshops or specialized centers as well as a package that includes a spray with 50 ml and a cloth applicator, all by 17,95 euros. It is a product with nanotechnology that creates a covalent bond by a chemical reaction seals the pores of the glass making it a surface that repels water. Thus, when water on the windscreen, this It is deposited into small beads that contact with air disappear quickly. So if we travel at a speed above 60 km / h commissioning wiper is not necessary. Below this speed or other urban transit, because although the visibility is better than if it had not applied the product, small water balls do not disappear from view so quickly. Result especially useful and increases driving safety lot when it pours, for typical water curtain on the glass is created, or, for example, when another vehicle launches us a lot of water by stepping a puddle while traveling with wipers or disconnected at a reduced speed.

Has his based alcohol, but alone shares the electron with the glass, he stainless steel the porcelain ceramic, which they are the envelopes material which is able to keep all its qualities. Enduro Shield we can acquire specialized centers in many automotive and in all the Motortown network workshops, present in the Hipercor El Corte Ingles.

Compared to other repellents, he has surprised us very pleasantly. We have tried other products with similar performance, amazing in the rain with a higher avisibilidad, but so far we have not found one that lasts as a single application. It is not cheap and each boat is only valid for two windshield, but ultimately it is up cheaper. We liked it on the windshield, but we see also very interesting to apply side windows and rear windows, especially in the three-volume saloons in many cases, lack of rear wiper. Moreover, in these cases, although we overdo the use of the product, we will not find any negative effect -at have not yet limpiaparabrisas- because visibility is always perfect.

Enduro Shield, so we must apply

For proper operation it is very important to apply it correctly. Must be respected and scrupulously fulfill all the steps that marks the manufacturer. After several tests, we found that if previously not well clean the glass before application and are not expected the 8 hours to cure the product, its duration is very low. On the other hand, if applied in excess, It is possible that by activating wiper washer these barran jumps, with how uncomfortable it is sound to not slide evenly.

Therefore, we must be very thorough in the process or rely on a specialist. The first is to choose the place, that must be dry, cool and well-ventilated. After that, it will be necessary clean to perfection the / the glass / s we will try. With good silicone free glass cleaner and a cloth -preferably of microfibra- rub until the marks disappear and remain a shiny appearance. after that pulverizaremos glass with Enduro Shield about 10 cm about 1/3 of the surface, without contact with the metal or plastic, for then extending the product from top to bottom and from right to left, with the help of the squeegee including until Note that it slides smoothly. Then rub gently for a few minutes until it disappears any brand. After that, it Park the car in garage or shade for eight hours and meanwhile, in any case we will use the wiper blades. then clean the windows with non-abrasive products allows for longer product life.

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