I am Civil Guard and I had to patrol with cars in poor condition

I am Civil Guard and I had to patrol with cars in poor condition

Lately they have come to light several controversial issues Civil Guard, as the state of the Car fleet, some of them with many kilometers of life, sometimes too many. We have found an agent willing to talk, but obviously want to keep anonymous. Everything then narrated (in person), we have avoided include locations or data that could identify you. We do not speak of a 'ceiling' Guardia Civil, but someone who has risen through various scales and knows what's going on benemérita. Yes, he wanted to emphasize that after these words, there is only a criticism of something you think is not working properly, as in many other companies with other punchy issues and who do not like their workers. That does not mean you do not feel proud of his work, which he agreed vocation and do not hesitate to aspire to.

This is one of many stories cars with the Civil Guard patrolling:

"Many of us have memories of that ancient Citroen ZX of the Civil Guard, patrolling villages in the 'deep' Spain and although the Meritorious has evolved significantly over its powers, the fleet of vehicles available to you have not done so much.

Numerous are the provinces of Spain in which efforts to protect public safety They perform with vehicles over 400,000 kilometers, various models such as Opel Astra, Renault Megane or Nissan X-Trail, with more than 10 years of antiquity and even some Nissan Terrano or Nissan Almera, with more than 15 years. Please note that cars are with those who carry out tasks ranging from simple monitoring to the most dangerous pursuits.

Perhaps most remarkable of all the matter is that some members of the Civil Guard say these vehicles pass the ITV (Vehicle Inspection) because it is held in military centers and not in ordinary seasons. The latter, dubiously leave the car in these -the particular conditions of some vehicles Guardia Civil- successfully passed inspection.

There are now numerous professional associations Armed Institute which they have denounced this situation, which puts in danger notorious agents. We talk about the Spanish Association of Civil Guards, the Unified Association of Civil Guards and Civil Guards Union, among others.

This situation is seen from the point of view of other police forces as far-fetched, since the vast majority of them use the renting method as a solution to the aging of their transport system in the case of the Civil Guard it is used only for a minority of its vehicle fleet.

Another widespread complaint by members of the Body is the unfair allocation of new vehicles, since the vast majority of them, they are used exclusively by the leaders, for the sole task of monitoring the work of the guards on duty or to attend meetings, leaving the most deteriorated for patrols and even causing, at a time given that no vehicle with which to work, while the control is in the garage safe.

I still remember some stories, like that morning in which two of my colleagues were forced to patrol with one of those vehicles that scary going from 80 km / h, because the vibrations and the state in general do not provide precisely ' trust. A few minutes after his departure, they had to stop on the hard shoulder and call the crane, a wait of an hour, in addition to what is slow to return to the barracks, let them 'offside' and unable to attend any emergency that arose at that time.

So no wonder I read in the news situations such as the Civil Guard who had an accident and was expedientado by his superiors after he denounced the state of the vehicle was the cause of the incident at the wheel.

Unfortunately, things like this happen almost daily, but not reported to avoid reprisals, since the militarized system continues reason to have a higher rank in practically 100 percent of cases, which is not not at all fair. And so I remain anonymous, but I decided to speak because I think it is important that the media echo of what is happening done. "

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