10 luxury cars cheaper: less than 25,000 euros

10 luxury cars cheaper: less than 25,000 euros

In order to have one in your garage considered car brand premium, It does not take a millionaire. It is true that a budget of between 17,000 and 25,000 euros You can not display a super sports car or a luxury saloon. But cars really good quality, with an engine even enough without being a waste of performance and not necessarily small. Today the market offers different alternatives, where you can select whether you want a more or less urban, more or less familiar or concept more or less playful car. We propose a list of the 10 cars that offer their versions ranges below or in the vicinity of 25,000 euros. As a curiosity, come that although the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series appears, you will not see his rival Mercedes Class A. Access version, the A 180, escapes from this list to cost more than 28,000 euros.

Audi A1Audi A1 1.0 TFSI: from 17.7600 euros

With him Mini, the Audi A1 is now the smallest premium car we find in the Spanish market. Hence, if we choose him with the budget we have set, we will have no problem. In fact, its 32 versions available in the market between body 3-door and Sportback 5, no less than 28 cost less than 25,000 fixed. And some as interesting as riding the 1.4 TFSI 150 hp. But this time, we refer to the Audi A1 cheaper: the offering new 1.0 TFSI gasoline engine with 95 hp more than honorable and they offer a very low consumption. It costs less than 18,000 euros. And if you prefer to Diesel, you have a 1.4 TDI only 3 cylinders with 90 CV. Both 3-door and Sportback version, costs less than 20,000 euros... but if you want well equipped, as usually happens in all premium brands you have to spend a lot in options.

All Audi A1 range

Audi A3 1.0 TFSI: from 24,000 euros

One of the we found most interesting cars this price is the Audi A3. Albeit with a few versions and virtually only in 3-door body, since the Sportback starts to rise from 25,000 euros. This time we talk and a wide compact 4.24 meters, you will find by just over 24,000 euros both petrol (motor 3-cylinder 1.0 TFSI, but now with 115 hp Unlike A1) and Diesel in its version 1.6 TDI 110 most basic CV. A model certainly very comprehensive and recommend.

Audi A3 entire range

BMW 116i: from 25,000 euros

Alone BMW can find now on the market falling within the budget that we have set. And, in fact, it exceeds 400 euros ... but we make an exception. He BMW 116i announced an official rate of 25,400 euros, but also it results in a compact 4.33 meters very interesting, yes, only 3 doors for this price. His new 3 cylinder gasoline engine, 1.5 liters of displacement and 109 hp It is not a bullet, but it does well.

All BMW 1 Series range

Rate your car for freeInfiniti Q30 1.6T: from 24,900 euros

Close call, but also You can find the new Infiniti Q30 on the market for less than 25,000 euros. Yes, only one version and a price that clears the crossbar: 24,900 euros. Its mechanics is the 1.6T petrol, with direct injection, turbo and 122 hp power. A very consistent engine, but not least consumed, that binds to a large compact (measured 4.43 meters long). its base It is the same of Mercedes GLA.

Infiniti Q30 whole range

Lexus CT 200h: from 22,900 euros

One of the most different personality and more cars you can find on this list is the Lexus CT 200h: in fact, the only model with hybrid technology. . But only you'll have the basic finish Eco costs 22,900 euros, offers 136 hp combined power and low power consumption: 3.6 l / 100 km. It is a compact 4.35 meters also fully recommended, and good behavior while highlighting its efficiency.

Lexus CT200h entire range

Lexus CT 200hMercedes Citan 108 CDI Combi: from 23,000 euros

He more familiar premium car you can find for less than 25,000 euros is undoubtedly this amazing Mercedes Citan. Although it derived from a semi-professional vehicle version Combi is adapted to passengers. It measures 4.32 meters, offers 5 good places and different versions. In the environment of the 23,000 euros will see 108 CDI diesel engine with 75 hp or with 112 gasoline 114 hp.

The entire range Mercedes Citan

Mercedes CitanMini One: from 18,600 euros

both version Cooper, as Cooper D Diesel Y One, you'll find Many Mini below 25,000 euros. And even in 3-door body and 3.82 meters, the longest body 5-door and 3.98 meters, and even variant Cabrio convertible. Today, talking about luxury car, we stop at the One version of Access, you can find by less than 19,000 euros in 3-door body and 19,500 in 5 door. Its engine is the same 3 cylinder gasoline only 1.2 liters and 102 hp power. A simple enough for most drivers who do not demand high performance version, but.

Mini entire range

Mini Clubman One: from 23,800 euros

few months ago Mini surprised us with its new Clubman, his more familiar model, compact conventional hard cutting and opponent for Audi A3 Sportback. We Convention personality, and amplitude space and performance. Well, you can find up to two versions of this exciting new model for less than 25,000 euros: the One basic version, with a 1.5 liter, three-cylinder, 102 hp, and the Diesel One D, also 3 cylinder 1.5 liter, 116 HP. Very interesting car.

Mini Clubman entire range

Mini Countryman One: from 21,850 euros

the range Mini has grown and the best example is this Countryman which is also in the list. It's about a Large utility 4.1 meters, sobreelevado and a format small SUV. By less than 25,000 euros you will find up to three versions: One, motor 4 cylinder 1.6 CV 98; one direction, Diesel engine 90 hp 1.6; Y Cooper, petrol engine 122 hp. Car, obviously, different from what is usually seen on the market.

All Mini Countryman range

Volvo V40 T2: from 24,950 euros

Other compact that adds to the list and large size: Volvo V40 with 4.37 meters of length. But only you can find it for less than 25,000 euros version T2 petrol and basic finish Kinetic. It is not the most advisable the Swedish model, but can make the cut honorably. It is a mechanical gasoline turbo 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder 122 CV power. A compact and is scheduled for renewal in the next few years and you can even find some interesting offer dealer.

Volvo V40 entire range

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