Volkswagen leaves the slogan “Das Auto”

Volkswagen leaves the slogan

The Volkswagen scandal emissions will have a new victim: the slogan used by the company: "Das Auto". The slogan "Das Auto" (Car) will disappear upcoming brand communications.

Used since 2007, when he became president of Volkswagen Group Martin Winterkorn, he had the advantage of being a slogan simple and recognizable. This no longer appear in your ads accompanying the even more famous brand logo and German automotive company.

Das Auto Logo

This will be one of the most visible aspects of the New communication campaigns it will launch the brand recover the lost image after the scandal after it was discovered that Volkswagen had cheated on NOx emissions declared.

Last week 2,000 executives the automotive group, which has more than 592,000 employees worldwide, they gathered at a convention in the German city of Dresden, where the brand has one of its flagship factories, to discuss aspects of the new image campaign.

As he told an executive who attended the ceremony to Reuters, the head of the Volkswagen brand, Herbert Diess -a newcomer to the brand, where he started work last July described from BMW- current slogan as "absolutist". Of course, inappropriate at a time when the brand should show humility and not be taken as pretentious, something that could go against your future image.

Furthermore, according to the same sources, the slogan is not able to describe the image of technology brand, with a strong commitment to electric cars that Volkswagen wants to convey.

Another sequel to the Volkswagen scandal

As you may recall, the so-called "Volkswagen scandal" it was discovered to the public the past month of September, when the US Environmental Agency (EPA) responsible for monitoring and certifying emissions and fuel consumption of cars in the country, accused the Audi and Volkswagen brands of falsifying emissions data of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in its engine diesel TDi.

Vehicles discovered in controlling the EPA had a specific software It is entering mode "examination" for reduce levels of NOx when he was performing the test. Thus data that they seemed legal offered. When they were not performing these tests, the software defused the "test" mode and operating cars emitting up to 40 times the permitted limits. The Group itself Volkswagen admitted irregularities at least about 11 million cars worldwide.

Upon discovering this scandal were thousands of jokes which they were made on account of company motto. Many played with the words "das" and "gas". This would be another good reason to send the slogan better life.

Joke motto das auto volkswagen

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