Car Buying Guarantee Lifetime, Volvo offers the

Car Buying Guarantee Lifetime, Volvo offers the

Volvo has announced that it will offer customers buy a new car in its class warranty lifetime parts and labor repair of its models. So far, Volvo only gives this possibility in Canada.

It is an innovative product that He has launched the Swedish brand in that country since this month. contemplate a single payment at the time of buying the car at the beginning of this guarantee special, (It has not been revealed or half the minimum amount that depends on the model and version by who prefer). And no-pocket. All transactions performed in the workshop while the owner has that Volvo will not entail any cost to the buyer, both parts and labor for repairs. All operations must be carried out in the network of official dealers of Volvo. It is unclear what would happen in case of change of ownership, if the guarantee in this situation could also pass.

So far, from Volvo Spain ruled the arrival of this product to our market, not even to Europe.

A few years ago Vauxhall (Opel in the UK) offered a similar product that guaranteed, lifelong, certain elements of the vehicle to the first owner. Engine, gearbox, steering, brakes and electrical components were included.

In our market, currently, the brands that offer a more extensive commercial guarantee are Korean Hyundai and Kia, with 7 years. Others offer five as Mitsubishi, while some like Honda or Toyota, but allow hiring given three to five expansion. All of them over the two-year warranty that European law provides. Many brands also offer various products maintenance contract allows up to four or five years, a mileage limit, such as Seat, that binds to financing through Credit Seat.