Best Cars Awards 2017: winners all cars in Spain

All winning cars in the Awards Best Cars 2017All winning cars in the Awards Best Cars 2017All winning cars in the Awards Best Cars 2017All winning cars in the Awards Best Cars 2017

The Best Cars 2017 Awards Spain already have winning cars. In total, 11,831 readers of our country have cast their vote to choose, once again, the best car market in each category. Of these nearly 12,000 car enthusiasts to have cast their vote, 91.5 percent are men and 8.5 percent are women. Of all voters, 34.5 percent acknowledged having bought a car in the last 5 years and walk an average of 21,900 km annually with your vehicle.

The average age of Spanish voters than a year have participated in the Best Cars awards 2017 It is 46.1 years and 55 percent of them are thinking of changing the brand of your current car ... although 77.5 percent said they were satisfied with their model. Only 7.4 percent of respondents would buy a new car brand currently leading.

Other highly relevant data collected from our Best Cars Awards 2017, which show the trend that follows the market are that up to 31.4 percent of respondents want to buy an SUV and 63.3 percent for the first time driving a car of your brand. 67.5 percent do so with a diesel vehicle, 29.7 drives a category of utilitarian and 15.2 percent have a car renting.

The 2017 Best Cars awards are organized in Spain by Iberian Motorpress through our magazines FREEWAY, CURRENT CAR, DUAL CARRIAGEWAY Y CAR, and our website Our awards are part of an international macroestudio also participate in 14 other European countries as well as China, Brazil and Mexico. Total, more than 180,000 readers They have participated throughout Europe.

Best Cars Awards 2017: winners by category cars

CITIZENS: Abarth 595/695



BERLINAS TIGHTS: Alfa Romeo Giulia

large sedans: Maserati Ghibli

LUJOS saloons: Porsche Panamera

SPORTING: Porsche 911


SUV / SUV COMPACTO: Range Rover Evoque

SUV / SUV BIG: Porsche Macan

MINIVAN: Renault Espace


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