Suzuki will sell three new cars in 2017

Suzuki will sell three new cars in 2017

Between January and September 2016, Suzuki has sold worldwide more units 2,100,000. The brand stands out above all the smooth running of the Indian market, where they have sold about 700,000 units between April and September this year. Forecasts worldwide are reaching 2,873,000 units (0.4 percent more than in the previous year), of which 232,000 would be recorded in Europe (12.1 percent). By 2019, the Japanese brand has the clear objective of getting enrolled 300,000 units in Europe.

Suzuki goal: to sell 30 percent more in Spain

In Spain, though 2016 It has not been a bad year for Suzuki, tells CEO Juan López Frade, have not been met forecasts announced 7,500 cars, since 6000 the figure is expected to close the year in a market which is forecast to reach 1,103,000 units. Suzuki is optimistic for the new year begins, because estimates could close 2017 with 7,800 units sold, 30 percent more than in 2016. The market in Spain is expected to reach 1,160,000 units. The launch of the Suzuki Vitara and especially the new Suzuki S-Cross (no delay delivery until March 2017 with the demand for petrol engines) will be key to their success.

Launches new 2017 Suzuki cars

Suzuki also hopes to get good sales figures in 2017 thanks to launch of three new products throughout 2017.

-Suzuki Ignis. It will arrive in February 2017 to be built under the new platform building cars small and medium size. Some aspect SUV and prepared to respond not only on urban routes.

-Suzuki Swift. We wait for next May. It is the new generation and could have a hybrid propulsion system.

-Suzuki Swift Sport. The sportiest version of the new Swift will arrive in late summer. It will be in September when landing at dealerships.

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