VW car owners prefer the repurchase souped before repair

VW car owners prefer the repurchase souped before repair

The 'Dieselgate' is a story that continues to write chapters and the last is staged in the United States. A couple of months ago, Volkswagen offered to customers affected by the problem the option to buy back their vehicles or repair; a proposal that came to nearly 500,000 homeowners. So, almost half of them have already signed the settlement program. That is, prefer buy back your car rather than repair it. Clean slate.

It should be recalled that last April, a US judge announced that there was an agreement in principle between the US environmental authorities, consumers and the state of California on fraud souped diesel engines. Through this agreement, VW put on the table several options to owners of almost 500,000 cars with turbo diesel engine two-liter four-cylinder: they could stay with your vehicle after Volkswagen fix it, sell it to the manufacturer or cancel the lease-purchase.

As Autonews reports, US users had two possible solutions to the problem of 'Dieselgate'. The first one goes through a free solution for the car and the second by a cash buyback that reached $ 5,100 (about 4,575 euros). According to statements by Elizabeth Cabraser, plaintiff attorney, most of the 210,000 owners and tenants who have enrolled in the program have opted for repurchase. A huge number of users in a relatively short time.

Of course, it is the most expensive option for the Volkswagen Group but at the same time, they are also good news. If the repurchase is the alternative for which increasingly opt owners, the German automaker will keep its promise to get out of the road 85% of the cars who they were part of 'Dieselgate'. And, incidentally, will help to avoid new sanctions. Anyway, it is expected that the first of the many corrections to be done in the emissions system arrive this September.

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