Ford GT: the car you can not buy even dishing …

Ford GT, a very difficult sport spectacular to buyFord GT, a very difficult sport spectacular to buyFord GT, a very difficult sport spectacular to buyFord GT, a very difficult sport spectacular to buy

Will be really difficult to park a Ford GT in your garage. Why although dishing, you have even punishment and spend it you like. Come on, you do not mind getting rid of 600,000 euros to invest in a car, you may never go to have one in your name.

There are several reasons why almost sure- You can not be owning a Ford GT. The first is statistical. And is that They will be manufactured very few. Alone 1,000 units They will leave the Canadian production plant Markham, Ontario, at the rate of one a day. Or what is the same, 250 per year, of which one in five will be sold in Europe.

Ford GTThe second reason It is that, at least initially, the purchase will not be physical. But will be made through the website On this website, as well as information and demonstrative videos Ford GT, it appears reserve list in which you can aim ... or not, since the lists are closed and opened as the constant demand for reserves. Likewise, This list will be closed and purged each year to award Ford GT which is intended to manufacture in that year and only after they have been delivered will reopen the list to generate a new cycle for the award of Ford GT. At the moment, for 250 units this year, the list was closed with nearly 700 applicants.

But being in a position privilege in the list of candidates for the Ford GT owners Nor will give you direct access to sign the contract. Not at all! That list is accompanied by a deep form in which Ford interrogates concerned about their motivations and thus determine how buyers suit profile type selected by Ford to. Thus, there are questions about the automotive hobby, links to Ford, if conducted one or more, if it is an individual or a company, expected annual mileage, If you have experience in competition, etc. Finally, the explanation of all these motivations are asked through a short video in which you must convince those responsible that you will not keep your Ford GT in the garage for speculative mood but you're going to use, which will be displayed on the asphalt in the car enthusiasts circles demonstrating the ability of Ford when it comes to making a single car. That is the ultimate purpose of Ford, that as the owners of the finest local, they should consider the customer, regardless of their wealth, worthy of sitting behind the wheel of a Ford GT. And the money, at least not always, does it all.