This is the new intelligent safety belt

This is the new intelligent safety belt

Has developed digital services company Atos, and has service to win the 'Connected Objects 2016' award. It is a 'cutting system emergency seatbelt' with which, in case of accident, all drive belts open, facilitating evacuation of the victims. This innovation responds to the needs of organizations that oversee security in passenger and offers a universal solution in crisis management in case of accidents. It enables a faster intervention in case of emergency.

The device has been developed in collaboration with Eagle Technologies, a company specializing in smart connected objects and systems on board. Une information from smart sensors (detect collisions, smoke and heat) with the automotive world. The company announces that It will begin shipping in the coming months.

'This project is part of the initiative on open innovation Atos Group, which unites the strength of our company with the agility of a startup. In this case, in addition to technological and commercial aspects of this innovation the spirit of this project is added: saving lives', explains Franck Potiez, mobility expert and Atos IoT.

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