Audi uses a dinosaur to promote autonomous cars (video)

They say that any past was better, and each had its golden age, years of those who feel nostalgia. Y there are some who yearns for the late Cretaceous, like the protagonist of this announcement. And no wonder: if by that time 'it was the top predator on the planet and there was no one coughed him, in the XXI century is the laughingstock of the Internet. Who has not gotten any meme mocking the big dinosaur at the expense of his short arms?

But no one, except for creative Audi has stopped to think that the T-Rex also has feelings. And we all detailed in this moving video through a voiceover.

One day our hero I was at a dealer of Audi, and then everything changed. There was the Audi RS7 Piloted Driving, the prototype designed for circuit to which the German firm called Robby and has 560 hp able to drive him up to 305 km / h. All this without the pilot put a finger on the wheel. And of course, was the solution for the T-Rex. It opens up a world of possibilities, no longer matters that short arms do not reach the steering wheel. Aboard Robby no one will mess with him.

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