The process of designing a car, step by step (photos and video)

So is the process of designing a carSo is the process of designing a carSo is the process of designing a carSo is the process of designing a car

The process of creating a car It combines technology and craft work equally, over a period of four years he passes pencil sketches, sculptures in clay-sized, 3D designs or selecting colors from over 100 samples.

1. Briefing

Here it all begins. a document is drawn indicated the guidelines in which the new model will be based. DNA could be considered the car. The whole process must conform to it.

2. stubs

Designers, pencil in hand, draw the first sketches of the car. We start with 'what we would do, "explains Jaume Sala, head of Seat Interior Design for finally end up creating the new car 'almost a photo'. In the process you get to do up to 1,000 different sketches.

3. Generation of CAD

This is, create the 3D vehicle from the sketches they were made on paper. This virtual recreation also it serves to make technical monitoring vehicle.

4. Model of clay

This is how you call the clay model is made to actual size. You can weigh four tons -the double the Real- and serves to physically create the car exterior design. This model is modified as it decides to make changes. It reaches up to 5000 kg waste clay.

5. Frozen model

Remains a clay model, but in the final version after being approved by the company. no longer seems clay: Is coated with textures to have a look exactly like the model that will be unveiled.

6. Creating colors

For this work there is a specific department: the so-called Color&Trim. Define both internal and external colors of the new vehicle. For that, trends are based on 'the world of fashion, architecture or product design', He explains the head of department, Jordi Font. In the two years they spend each new model They go on to develop up to 100 different colors, for those who invest 1,000 liters of paint, although only 12 will make up the outer end palette car.

7. seats

is also responsible for the design department Color&Trim taking into account comfort and aesthetic criteria. And it is also a very traditional process: to blow sewing machine patterns are prepared 'Combining materials and colors that can fit better', explains Jordi Font.

8. Interior Design

'It is driver-oriented', Jaume Sala account. And here too there are trends. Now, the screen has gained so much prominence that the first thing is decided when working inside It is its location. Then comes everything else. Here the priority is the functionality. 'We asked where to save the mobile phone, glasses or water bottle. " Therefore, it must above all be 'useful and effective'.

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