The five most stylish city car of the moment

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Smart ForTwo and ForFourSmart ForTwo / Smart ForFour

Undoubtedly, the Fortwo and Forfour new Smart They have been two major developments in the vehicle segment urban in recent times -saldrán for sale in the Spanish market in November-. Both share engineering and construction platform with Renault Twingo, so these three 'urbanites' offer the same philosophy rear engine and rear wheel drive. his design hardly it goes unnoticed and it highlights the new look of the headlamps, grille front grille and extremely short overhangs body. The different combination of colors and materials brings a certain charm both the Smart Fortwo and the Forfour. Initially, the new Smart Fortwo and Forfour are available with three-cylinder engine 999 cm3 of 71 atmospheric CV (hereinafter may choose turbo 898 cm3 and 90 CV). For well into 2015, the mechanical range will be completed with the arrival of the basic engine or access with a three-cylinder gasoline engine and 60 hp. More about new Smart ForTwo and ForFour.

Renault TwingoRenault Twingo

He design and ingenuity are your real strengths. As you know, in this generation Renault It has teamed up with Daimler to develop both two new Smart (ForTwo and ForFour, moment) like this new Twingo. And here lies the greatest peculiarity of this city new Renault: carries the engine under the trunk and propels the rear wheels ...

The two engines available Twingo have three cylinders, one is atmospheric with 999 cm3 and 70 hp, the other is known TCE 898 cm3 turbocharged engine with 90 hp. More about the Renault Twingo.

Toyota AygoCitroen C1 / Toyota Aygo / Peugeot 108

Citroen, Toyota and Peugeot they wanted to keep all of its city car development C1, Aygo and 108, yes, with own differentiates them much clearer form than their predecessors.

He C1 It is available in versions three or five-door. There will also be the possibility to opt for a variant convertible with sliding canvas roof -of drive electric- leaving an opening in the roof 80 by 76 centimeters (more on Citroen C1). Mechanical range is initially formed by two petrol engines: a 998 cm3 and 68 hp and 87 hp 1.2. In the equipment highlights the Mirror Screen multimedia system, which connects a smartphone with the vehicle. More about Citroën C1.

He New Toyota Aygo, meanwhile, you can choose at first with two bodies of three and five-door (The Japanese firm does not include possible moment cabrio version). Its engine supply is reduced to three-cylinder gasoline 68 hp 1.0 and its aesthetic striking a frontal great personality, which highlights the form of X which takes the grill. More about the Toyota Aygo.

In the case of New Peugeot 108 (Replaces the previous 107), Provides in our view 'Less risky' design of the three. Like the C1, three types of bodywork (three doors, five doors and top or cabrio), two gasoline engines (by 1.0 VTi of 69 hp and a 1.2 PureTech 82 hp) and a remarkable equipment are available in the highlighting the rear view camera, automatic climate control and multimedia system Mirror Screen. More about the Peugeot 108.

Fiat 500Fiat 500

Such a seducer reduced format whose design makes it clear unmistakable retro dyes and great personality, Fiat 500 of the XXI century continues to conquer audiences around the world. If the Mini was pioneer in offering endless customization options in a small vehicle, Fiat 500 He has inherited this philosophy with confidence. Commercial range comprises two body styles: three-door closed and variant 500C or cabrio with a canvas roof that can only be folded or unfolded on top. As for engines, they can choose from four options: two gasoline (0.9 Turbo TwinAir 105 hp and 1.2 69 hp), a bi-fuel gas-LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) 69 HP and Diesel 1.3 Multijet 95 hp. More about the Fiat 500.

Adam OpelAdam Opel

He Adam is a firm commitment that makes Opel in the segment of urban, in this case, full of style, charm and endless possibilities for customization. When compared to its rivals, Adam is by far the one that has greater mechanical supply. Namely, you can choose from the following propellers: A 1.0 EcoTec Turbo 116 hp, 100 hp 1.4, 1.4 87 hp, 1.4-gasoline bi-fuel LPG 87 hp and 70 hp 1.2. Throughout 2015, the most sporty and aggressive version, the Adam S, with rebellious design and a 1.4 Turbo 150 hp will be incorporated. For true lovers of the original, highly recommended new Adam Rocks, a Adam with retractable canvas roof, a body height from the ground slightly higher and outside elements reminiscent of crossovers.