Breaking Bad cars at auction

Breaking Bad cars at auctionBreaking Bad cars at auctionBreaking Bad cars at auctionBreaking Bad cars at auction

Series Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad, has revolutionized the world with its history, in which Walter White and Jesse Pinkman all the laws of Albuquerque, a city in the state of New Mexico (USA) are skipped. An atypical scenario in the protagonists pass to have a normal life to become one of the manufacturers 'crystal' Most Wanted. Now, the cars that have left to use in the series can be purchased auction. Fans of the series will go crazy and though output prices are not skyrocketing, certainly more than one of these cars reaches a large sum.

Pontiac Aztek Walter White

Possibly the most characteristic series car. Is the traveling companion and 'business' the star of Breaking Bad, the calculating and intelligent Walter White. In the penultimate season as changes for Chrysler 300 brand. He condition of the car is rather unfortunate and it needs major repairs, but the price is the lowest of those auctioned. This Pontiac Aztek authentic collector's item for the fans. Your price: 1000 $ -740 euros. Pontiac Aztek

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Jesse Pinkman

He 'Partner' of Walter White It appears in the series with a Chevrolet Monte Carlo now does not work and It is damaged by the recreation of a shooting in the series in which the car gets gunshots. Still, the great host of innocent Pinkman by the public makes initial sum Auction is 2,500 $ 1,849 euros.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Skyler White

It is the car that Walter's wife walks. As indicated, the car feels good and is all right mechanically speaking. That yes, painting needs some retouching and we are talking about a 1991 model emphasizes its classic aesthetic and side and rear plates imitating the color of the wood. It has a starting price of 7,125 $ 5,268 euros.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Toyota Tercel 4WD Jesse Pinkman

One of the vehicles that lives more essence 'Breaking Bad'. It is the car purchase Jesse Pinkman to be corrupted his Chevrolet Monte Carlo. With the Toyota Tercel 4WD -very style 'left' of Pinkman-, the young stars in some of the best scenes from the series. True to Jesse, the inside and outside is neglected and mechanical accumulate 181,500 miles -the life Odometer nearly 300,000 kilometers-. Its starting price is 5,500 $ 4,067 euros-

Toyota Tercel 4WD

Volkswagen New Beetle Marie Schrader

It is the vehicle that drives Hank's wife, brother Walter White and DEA agent -Compliance Management Laws on drugs-. It's a nice New Beetle deep blue and 2006. Their status is announced pretty good and, in fact, it has a starting price of 10,000 $ 7,394 euros-. Although the reality is that the car has nothing special in the series and it lacks significant minutes on the screen.

Volkswagen New Beetle

Ford F-250 Vamonos Pest Control

One of the cover companies resorting to Walter White to 'cook' glass without arousing suspicion is Vamonos Pest Control, a supposed company in charge of ending the pests in homes. The company is a vehicle Ford F-250 with body 'Pick-up' that, according to specifications It has engine failure Odometer and it presents a fairly high number. Starting price: 5,000 $ 3,697 euros.

Ford F-250

Cadillac Sedan de Ville

In the last season, The protagonist of the series, Walter White, used in some scenes of importance is a Cadillac Sedan de Ville. Inside the car and the plate present some defects due time, as it is the year 1977. Still, the description speaks of a good mechanics, Unusually for a car with that age. At the auction it has a starting price of 5,000 $ 3,697 euros.

Cadillac Sedan de Ville